Healers University

Healers University

Hosted by: Dr. Anastasia Chopelas

Calling all healers, ready to earn more? Does success elude you even though you are doing all the "right" things? Are you exhausted after working with one or two clients? Are you doubting your skills? Are you...

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How to niche down to grow your practice

Episode #13

Even though it seems counter-intuitive, narrowing your initial healing offering to a single process or idea will actually draw more people to you.  If you consider any one of the possible offers, there are millions of...
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Defining who is your ideal client or avatar to help your healing practice grow FAST

Episode #14

Defining your ideal healing client or avatar can help save you from confusing marketing.  You want your prospective clients to hear your message and think: “She is talking about me and my issues.  I need to learn more...
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Offer your ideal client What they Want so you can give them what they need

Episode #15

When you create a message to attract your ideal client, offering every kind of healing to everyone confuses them. They will look elsewhere for a clearer message.  Find out what that means for you in this broadcast ...
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Using the right messaging to keep your potential client interested: Don’t make this mistake

Episode #16

When you use specialized healing language, your potential client may not understand what it is you are offering.  They will go elsewhere even though what you offer is perfect for them.    Find out what that means for...
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What to Answer when someone asks “What do you do?”

Episode #17

A big mistake that many entrepreneurs make when asked, What do you do?, is to focus on themselves rather than their potential client.  To pique their interest in your services, turn your answer around to focus on...
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How will you deliver your healing sessions and more to make your clients feel cared for.

Episode #18

Defining how you are going to deliver your healing services and what else is included in their investment with you will make your offering unique and give it clarity.  This will allow your healing client to feel cared...
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3 Tips for Advertising Your Amazing Healing Abilities: Don’t Get Shut Down With These Mistakes.

Episode #19

When you make certain claims of miraculous healings and cures, you could get into trouble from the FTC, for example, for false advertising.  Social media platforms and YouTube will close your accounts and all your...
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Stop Repelling Potential Healing Clients with Your Specialized Language

Episode #20

Too many talented healers are excited about their process and will potentially repel their ideal client by using language your potential client doesn’t understand.  Enthusiasm for what you do is a great thing and...
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In your Free Healing Session Establish Rapport to ask for the Sale

Episode #21

Your potential healing clients are longing to be heard and understood.  They want relief.  It is very important to establish rapport right away, by asking questions you are honestly interested in learning about them. ...
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Free Sessions to Improve Your Energy Healing Session Enrollment

Episode #22

Your potential healing client is praying you have a solution that will make them feel great and be done with their issue. Tune in to discover how to use the free session to first offer a trio of attractive solutions...
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Create a Great Healing Experience for your Client

Episode #23

Once your healing client has enrolled, taking them through a positive experience involving them in the process will give them a great experience.  For example, make sure you have a decision tree and questions that...
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Creating Healing Session Structure So You Have Clarity on What You Are Offering

Episode #24

You now have enrolled clients but might be unsure on how to retain, give them a feeling of confidence in your abilities and even progress.  By providing a specific session structure, you will clarify what you’re...
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