Transform YOU, YOUR Life & Career As a Healer or Coach to Somewhere It's NEVER Been Before

IS THIS YOU? You are ready to become more effective, confident, and learn new powerful ways to help people become more of who they are.  You also want to build a thriving practice so you can do this full time.

YOU want to make a big impact with your gifts and talents but aren't sure how, 


JOIN my mission to impact global health by bridging the gap between medicines: energy, alternative, and conventional. 

In this unique CERTIFICATION PROGRAM, you'll not only learn healing and be healed, you'll also discover the principles behind energy work, quantum theory, practical energy and biochemistry, and everything you need to become more potent as a creator of your own unique protocols.

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Ready to Change Your Life?

To take your vibrancy AND practice to a place you never imagined you could go?

In this program, you will be well versed in the art and science of healing.  Aside from the program, it's the amazing community of like-minded people that is one of the great values you'll receive.

This is the first step towards impacting global health to create the bridge between medicines. 

It will be the equivalent of getting a doctorate in healing: it's a one or two year commitment.  I know that you'll not be the same when you come out the other end AND you'll never want to go back.

With this training, you'll be able to heal yourself, others and even be able to teach others how to heal, if you so wish.  As a coach, you'll be able to help your clients produce faster results with more impact.  As a healer, you'll be able to relieve or heal what is regarded as "hopeless".   

You won't be left to fend for yourself: you'll also learn solid business principles for building six figure and beyond practices.  Amongst the many reasons for doing this include:

  • having more clout as a group: without it, who will hear us?
  • creating a comfortable lifestyle so you can replenish and be more for others
  • create an equitable exchange of energy to make your efforts more effective and powerful

Common Questions About the Program

How is the program material delivered?

It is currently a distance learning program where everything is delivered through live classrooms via computer.  These are recorded and uploaded.   In all sessions, you will receive healing from me to help you become more of yourself & open your abilities far beyond what you experience now.

How many sessions per month are there?

There will be three or four touches per month.  Two classes: one on healing and one on the conscious/energetic business model.  One group Q&A session with check in and progress and optional one private session with me, for your own healing and checking progress with your subjects.  You can graduate in 12 or 24 months.

Will there be any in person sessions?

Until COVID restrictions are lifted and we are safe to congregate again, we will use Zoom as a way to connect.  In the future, retreats will become available for cost of room and board and extras.  Cross talk between accountability partners is encouraged and a Voxer or What's App group for instant Q&A is coming online,  

How soon can I take on new clients?

The program is designed to be delivered in six self-contained units, each with a certification.  Current students in the program started taking paying clients in the first month or two.  As part of the program, practice is highly encouraged.  At the end of each unit, i.e., every 4 months, you will receive a certification.  You'll be able to earn your tuition back quickly.

Description of the Six Units

You will receive healing in all areas, plus learn how to do them on yourself/others. Keep scrolling for detailed content in the program.

Unit I: Emotional & Relationship Clearings

 At the end of this unit, you will be capable of diagnosing and healing emotional issues and clear old relationship baggage. You will learn how to protect yourself from the energies of the needy or ill, which helps you stay healhty and allows them to progress faster. You will also learn energy etiquette that keeps you safe and builds trust with others.

Unit II: Re-programming DNA and Inherited Energetic Patterns

By the end of this unit, you will be capable of diagnosing and clearing inherited issues, whether by DNA/family or the past life model.  You will also learn more protection processes & more etiquette.  You will also learn more about the multidimensional-space or quantum field.  And the spirits or energies that are there, including how to deal with the energy robbers. 

Unit III: Healing Self-Defeating Mental Patterns

By the end of this unit, you will be capable of diagnosing and clearing self-defeating mental patterns.  This also includes direct physical healing of the brain which helps clear thinking, memory, and processing information.  You will learn how to re-pattern mental and emotional blocks to money, relationships, and success.  It’s not affirmations, it’s deeper.

Unit IV: Energy Systems of the Body

By the end of this unit, you will be be able to diagnose why the you or someone else's energy system is failing, be able to boost it up & permanently heal all the energy systems of the body.  This includes direct healing of the liver, thyroid, mitochondria, pancreas, and digestive system.   This includes determining food allergies and even healing them.

Unit V: Immune & Detoxing Systems of the Body

By the end of this unit, you will be well-versed in physical healing.  You will be able  to diagnose and heal the immune and detoxing systems in the body.  This includes correcting the emotional/ mental barriers that prevent healing.  It will also allow you to help with chronic issues such as cancer and benign tumors.

Unit VI: Healing the Body Systems

By the end of this unit, you will be familiarized with all the systems of the body, both energetically and functionality on a fundamental level.  You will be able to diagnose and heal the systems in the body, including skeletal, muscular, nervous, lymph, and balance of the endocrine system.

Is this for you?

Are you the type that goes to the front of the line?  Connect now to secure your place with a small deposit.  The sooner you join, the more you get personalized help and contact with me.  There's a rolling enrollment every two months.  As the program grows, I will have less time to spend with you.  AND the sooner you enroll, the sooner you'll be able to help create an impact to the global health crisis.  


Be The Solution, Be The Change

Global health must change and move along a new paradigm of health.  The Dalai Lama says that Western women are to help bring this change about.  The old patriarchal ways of handling health and our well-being are not able to solve our most basic aging issues.  Tuition for this program is either monthly or yearly with a 15+% discount.  If you've participated in my earlier programs, you are credited some or all that tuition back.  Connect with me to learn more. 


Here's what people are saying

"I've known Anastasia since I was 12. We've stayed in touch over the years. In February 2017, I felt compelled to call her. Then I learned my friend, the Physicist, was now an energy healer! Anastasia has mastered energy healing and anatomy far more excellently than any doctor I will ever meet. She was able to literally scan my body from a distance and diagnose everything going on. Because I am also highly intuitive, I was aware when she was scanning me & immediately realized that she was given a very rare & precious gift. In our subsequent sessions, I soon felt healed, recharged, focused, grounded and confident. Physically Anastasia has completely healed several areas of my body with amazing results. I feel an energy, vibrancy and excitement in my life that have been missing for several years. I attribute her help as a major kick-starter that reignited my life. As a result, I have returned to the career where I was most successful & already opportunities are lining up in an extraordinary fashion. God has blessed Anastasia with an incredible gift. I strongly endorse her & look forward to ongoing work with her in the years ahead! "

Leslie Horton
Auburn, California

"It has been an amazing experience working with Anastasia. I wasn’t sure what to do next in my life. In just 3 short sessions, there is a remarkable difference. I have started to write again after 10+ odd years. I am much clearer about my life, things are opening up, I am fired up about new opportunities. I’m exercising regularly for the first time in 12 years…. It’s like I woke up from a long sleep. There is so much more to say that I am speechless. I'm excited to begin training with her! If you get a chance to work with her, don’t miss the opportunity to get connected. You will see the changes and get things moving in your life in all areas, not just your health. People will start approaching you. Doors will open. I was at the same place as any of you feel right now. Talk to her, she is just a call away, wherever you are in the world. If you still have a doubt, you are welcome to connect with me. With lots of love to dearest Anastasia, thank you for doing this lovely work. I am so grateful to you"


"Anastasia, you are an amazing woman! I got my energy back after missing it for a long time. I went through a profound experience where I was basically incapacitated. It was only due to your reaching out and my accepting the invitation where I am finally back to myself again. I am able to function at work, I'm able to engage with other people, and I'm finally back amongst the living. The one thing I'm immensely grateful for is having met you and having you in my life. What you've done for me is absolutely remarkable. Your amazing gift is indescribable."

Sandra Rogoza
Calgary, Canada

Program Content

Content for all 6 Modules

Module 1: Emotional and Relational Healing

  • Session 1: Healing: Raising and protecting your energy.  How we interact with our surroundings including the body field.  How to raise your frequency and maintain it.
  • Session 2: Enhancing Your Environment to Support You plus Active Imagination Dialoguing
  • Session 3: Business of Healing: Conversations to have when asking someone to practice on them. 
  • Session 4:  Emotional Healing and Your Meridians, Dialogs with others
  • Session 5: Business of Healing: Healing Etiquette, Permission, and Packages as opposed to single sessions
  • Session 6: Relationships Primer, Basic Relationship Healings
  • Session 7: Business of Healing: Cleaning your Crystals, about crystals, and representing yourself.;  Digital footprint Primer
  • Session 8:  Healing Assault, clearing up 14 energy connections with others
  • Session 9: Speaking about healing (or whatever you have to offer) to others, where to connect with people

Module 2: Spiritual Healing/ Quantum Field of Possibilities

  • Session 10: Your DNA, how your body uses it, programming and reprogramming
  • Session 11: Business of Healing: Mental strategies for drawing people to you
  • Session 12: Your Spiritual Timeline, Erasing Old Inherited Energy Patterns
  • Session 13: Business of Healing: Protocols for determining what is going on with you or others, order of healing Business of Healing: Anatomy of a healing Session
  • Session 14: All things spirit - Taking care of foreign spirits in you, others, your environment
  • Session 15: Business of Healing: Upgrading Your Language to a Higher Frequency
  • Session 16: Details of the Spiritual/Energetic Body: Light of Cell, the Human Halo, Spiritual Access Portal, Energy Flow Into and Out of Your Body
  • Session 17: Anatomy of a Healing Session

Module 3: The Mental Body - Healing the brain and reprogramming the subconscious

  • Session 18: All about the brain and a brain healing
  • Session 19: Business of Healing: Conversations with Clients and Spiritual Business/Money Blocks, Decision Tree and what comes next in healing
  • Session 20: Cellular Reattunement - bringing your cells to a more youthful state.  A full eye healing
  • Session 21: The business of healing: your web presence, social media, and websites
  • Session 22: Energetic Timeline Therapy - reprogramming old traumas
  • Session 23: Core values and their importance in describing yourself.
  • Session 24: Energetic Stem Cell therapy - restart your cells to their healthy state
  • Session 25: How to leverage your time: packages and programs

Module 4: Energy systems of the body

  • Session 26:  The HPA axis, the HPT axis for explosive energy
  • Session 27:  Removing blocks to abundance and the energy of food
  • Session 28: thyroid, liver and pancreas for energy
  • Session 29: Removing Doubts and Fears; Where do food allergies come from; Tapping and NAET
  • Session 30: Thymus, Pineal, Parathyroid and Heart as a gland
  • Session 31: Releasing Fear of abundance, and allergies: more on tapping and NAET
  • Session 32: The digestive system
  • Session 33: Releasing indecision, blocks to abundance, clearing up the fog and mixed up messages

Module 5: The detoxing systems

  • Session 34: Healing the lymph system, spleen and thymus
  • Session 35: Detoxing your Busines and Money issues, removing blocks to abundance
  • Session 36: healing the skin, lungs and kidney
  • Session 37: How to run a healing session with advanced protocols.
  • Session 38: Healing the immune system, bones and mitochondria
  • Session 39: Changing your relationship with money - step by step, protecting your business from energy vampires
  • Session 40:  Healing the bladder and sexual organs (sacral) including breasts.
  • Session 41:  Optimal structure(s) for your business

Module 6: Healing biological infrastructure

  • Session 42: Healing the muscular system
  • Session 43: The energy of speaking transactions
  • Session 44: Healing the vascular system
  • Session 45: The energy flow of your business
  • Session 46:  Healing the nervous system
  • Session 47: Taking care of your microbiomes
  • Session 48: Healing the skeletal system
  • Session 49: Healing your business, protocols, packages



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