We picture a world where families...

are together longer because they are healthier

Because you and the people you love matter.  We believe in supporting your life's purpose.  If that's to be healed or to heal one million people, you are in the right place.  You deserve a fulfilling, healthy life and a fulfilling career. 

Are you ready to be a part of the solution?  YOU can do it, anyone can learn to make a lifetime of vitality the norm.

Here, you can receive healing or learn it for yourself.   Dr. Anastasia has a thriving healing practice to help you overcome your health challenges.  The healing protocols use a multi-faceted approach, including movement, nutrition, supplementation and energy healing on several levels.  Click on the "Let's Talk" button to receive your free discovery session.

You can also master Scientific Healing, a combination of quantum physics and ancient healing arts.   You deserve effective and powerful healing tools, a combination of energy healing and physics. These processes are backed by scientific evidence and have accelerated the healing results thousands of times for students of Healer's U, where your success matters.  Click on the "Let's Talk" button to discover the available programs for learning how to heal and build your healing practice.

Meet Dr. Anastasia Chopelas

Founder of Healer's U.  As a young child, she remembers being intensely curious about the world around her, how it worked on a very fundamental level, and its composition:  Whether it be other planets, human physiology or who is God.  This led to a series of parallel threads in her life including a long career as a professor/research scientist studying the nature of vibrations in matter, an in depth exploration of human health/potential/longevity, as well as esoterica.

Despite doing all the "right" actions, such as daily exercise, rest, good diet, hydration, and no alcohol or drugs of any kind, Anastasia ended up very ill. Conventional medicine had no solutions.  This led her down the path of energy healing and today, in her early seventies, Anastasia remains healthy and strong without medication. 

You deserve a healthy, vibrant and mentally alert life your whole journey on Earth, and you deserve a stress-free healing practice.  You are the why of Healer's U.  

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