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Scientific Healing Audios

“What if you could be almost instantly relieved from the stress, illness, and overwhelm in your life?”

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Unfortunately, a body can only take so much stress before it breaks down.

This unrelenting stress is what tears your body down & when sustained over years, leads to all sorts of physical and mental ailments. We keep thinking we can do the same things and that we can take more and more stress. ** GET RELIEF IN JUST MINUTES A DAY!

"These audios work on at least 6 specific levels to heal your body"

Aging in America today usually means a continuous downward trend without improvement. These healing audios help reverse that trend.

  1. The music is channeled and played by healer, Carla Reed, who has given me express permission to use her compositions for these healing audios.  
  2. The sound of my voice as a master healer brings your body into resonance with its healing state.
  3. My words were carefully selected as high energy words to soothe your conscious and address your subconscious.
  4. The commands help slide your conscious mind aside to allow direct access to your subconscious, which can then more effectively direct your body to heal.
  5. Your body is brought  into the parasympathetic or healing state, accessing and delivering its new energetic blueprint to better support your body.
  6. A host of specific scientific healing protocols are invoked to support your health and well-being.

This helps your body, mind, and spirit to move towards healing and health, even as you age. They can be used in support of the healing work that you may receive from me or another certified Scientific Diamond Healer or be used alone.

Would it be worth 20 minutes a day to be more energetic and youthful?

""I just did the eye meditation! OMG When I opened my eyes I could see the ceiling. It was just a dark blur before... Thank you! Thank you!!!" "

Gwen Lepard
Relationship Healer

"“I was seriously distressed when I contacted Anastasia.  In our first session, she sent me an audio to listen to before I went to bed.  In just a few days, I got so calm and centered that I cancelled my talk therapy sessions.  I didn’t need them any more!  I even had to burn a second CD because I wore out the first one.”"

Stephanie W.

"Over time, I realized I became hyper sensitive to everyone's energy and I needed to protect myself. After I downloaded the Healing Audio, I've been coming into work early, before anyone else is here, and mediating to it, and specifically focusing on clearing, purifying and shielding. It has helped me tremendously. Thank you, Anastasia!"

Sandra Rogoza
Business Executive

Stress is the number one cause of dis-ease.

The longer you pile it on, the harder it is to shake.  Then suddenly, one day the massive burn out will stop you cold, making you unable to enjoy your life or even earn a living.

What is the solution?  How do you find the time in your busy day to take care of yourself and reduce your stress levels?

You don't FIND the time, because as you know, we all have the same 24 hours in a day.  You MAKE the time, because if you don't, before long you won't be able to run your business or your life.

You can be  relieved of your stress, lack of energy and overwhelm by taking a little time out every day to listen to one of our scientifically formulated audios.  You will gain back your youthful energy and vibrancy, your rest would be more effective, and your quality of life be vastly improved.  This can lead to more success, money, better relationships, and better health.  You can fully enjoy life again.

Would it be worth 20 minutes a day to be more energetic and youthful?

You can be relieved of your stress, lack of energy and overwhelm by taking just 20 minutes out of every day to listen to one of our scientifically formulated audios.

The healing aspects of these audios are based on physics. biology, energy work and psychology and are designed to support your body, mind and spirit.

  • You will gain back your youthful energy and vibrancy
  • Your rest will be more effective, and
  • Your quality of life will be vastly improved
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