3 Tips for Advertising Your Amazing Healing Abilities: Don’t Get Shut Down With These Mistakes.

Episode #19

When you make certain claims of miraculous healings and cures, you could get into trouble from the FTC, for example, for false advertising.  Social media platforms and YouTube will close your accounts and all your hard work will disappear over night.   Learn what to do instead here.

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Standout Quotes :

  • "Use caution when making healing claims on your website, blog posts, in videos, or any other broadcast, interview, or writings. You can be shut down quickly even if you are telling the truth."
  • "Testimonials from your clients can be more liberal, so are very helpful to draw new clients to you."
  • "In testimonials, clients can explain their experience with you.  It is very helpful if you have an audio or video recording or a written record, especially your audio recording, or even a letter so you have a record of their words."
  • "Client testimonials are important evidence of all the amazing things that you can do."
  • "Use disclaimers in your books, broadcasts, and blog posts, such as, "This is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the expert advice of your own personal physician or another licensed health care practitioner.”
  • If you make healing claims in your ads, such as curing something like cancer or asthma, your ability to advertise will be shut down quickly."
  • "When a potential client makes an appointment with you, make sure you’re not making healing claims or interfering with their doctor’s care.  You could be in legal trouble."


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