Creating Healing Session Structure So You Have Clarity on What You Are Offering

Episode #24

You now have enrolled clients but might be unsure on how to retain, give them a feeling of confidence in your abilities and even progress.  By providing a specific session structure, you will clarify what you’re doing.  This way, it’s easier to engage new clients, no matter what your healing process includes.  Free live training to become a highly paid healer in 3 months or less, go to:  

Standout Quotes:

  • "Creating a session structure gives your client security.  When they feel taken care of, they will refer you other clients."
  • "In a session, first I open the session, next on the list is an energy reading or measurements, then they receive adjustments based on their reading, finally they receive a full healing, and at last a session closing."
  • "In the session opening and closing, listen to the energy in your client’s voice.  It tells you how they are doing.  The language your client uses to describe themself and to describe others gives you a big clue to their state of mind."
  • "Depending on your healing modality, you can create your own session structure that provides your client with a roadmap to help them understand what is happening with them."
  • "In a session closing, I personally reclaim all my energy back and give my client theirs back, I basically release them and sever the connection, so there's no more energy exchange at that point.  This protects you and helps their body heal faster." 


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