Free Resources for Healers to Grow Their Practices

Jul 18, 2022

When you are just starting your healing practice, it is good to know about free tools and resources that can help you get started.  I’ve included free resources for images, image editing, CRM or email management, and all in one platforms that have email build it.  Two of them are free. I invite you to a free live training on the three steps to fill your calendar as a healer so you can support yourself and your family and still have time off, go to:   

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Starting a new practice or going online for the first time?  Try free resources first.

There are some awesome free resources that you can use for your online presence and even your offline presence. And some of these resources are things that I've used for free for a long time. 

Many people aren't aware of how powerful some of these resources are. So stay tuned to hear more. 

I am an admitted online geek. I love trying new things out. I love seeing how they work. Since I'm also a healer and I have a healing business, I know which tools are helpful.  Not only do I heal things, but I also teach. It's about a 50-50 split in my time at the moment. 

Free image depositories for you to increase visual interest

The first of the free tools you’ll hear about is where to get your free images. You will use images on your website, business cards, on your pamphlets, on your speaker, one sheets, or social media.   

You need to use ones that are free, meaning that they're not copyrighted or require paid licenses to use, meaning they're not owned by other people. Because if you accidentally use one, which I did, it was on a website called So what a morgue file is basically, if you were working in a newspaper, all the pictures they didn't use go to the morgue. So there are a lot of them posted there for free. 

I used a picture of some pills. And then I got a message from somebody who supposedly owned the rights to those even though I got them from that free location, demanding that I pay $450 for using them. So I just took the images all down and ignored the message because I knew where I got them. 

Beware, there are a lot of crooks that are doing that, demanding money for free images. So you have to be careful. And if you have them, make sure you get the usage rights of each picture as you're using it. 

I have now used 1000s of pictures besides my own; I get them from four or five places. 

So here are some really great pictures; a free picture is one you're free to use forever. One of them is Many of you already know about these: and And then you can use Many of the same pictures/images will appear on all of those websites. 

Check the usage rights of images before you use them

And then the last place you can check is Wikipedia, but you have to check their usage rights. So a lot of the images are in the wiki commons, meaning you're free to use the pictures over and over again. You can get celebrity photos that way. But you have to check the usage rights.  If they are copyrighted, and you use them, you could be assessed a usage fee or licensing fee. 

People have a way of finding specific pictures or images, if you use one owned by others. You can even use Google to search for a certain image. And if they find that you're using their picture on your website, they will cite you for copyright violation and ask you to pay for usage. This fee can be several hundred if not thousands of dollars.  

Free tools for editing your images

Now having said all of that, there are many ways to edit the free to use pictures and put your words on them.   You can use them in, for example, any product or use them on your website with the right print across the top to show your blog title or your podcast title. 

And so one of the best ways of creating online images is via   And there's a link below if you could use that link to support this channel, that would be really helpful for me to continue to offer more free content. Canva is free forever, they started putting more nag notes to buy the upgraded version.  You really don't have to. You can get along really, really well with the free version. 

There are a few other places to edit images: if you have a lot of Photoshop files, and you're comfortable with Photoshop, Check this one out.   There's a website called, where you can upload your Photoshop files and edit them there. Since I’ve started using Canva daily, I don't use my Photoshop subscription anymore.  I use Canva almost exclusively for everything because it is so powerful, it can do just about anything.

There are other places that you can edit online photos: one is called Snappa. It's a lot like Canva

But there are also ways that you can do for example, 3d image mockups:  you can show your product on a cell phone, iPad and/or on a computer screen.  You can create free 3d mockups at and other locations.  

And all of these go to help you present a better image online and I find them superduper useful. 

Staying connected with your potential and current clients.

Let's say you've been to a number of conferences or a number of networking meetings, or just have bumped into people and they allow you to put them on your contact list. You want to use what they call a CRM or customer relationship management system. 

And what this is, is a tool that gives you the ability to email them. There's two ways to email them. 

One is an automatic sequence. So when they let's say opt into a free gift on a page that you offer them something free in exchange for their email address. Then they get a sequence of two or three emails, thanking them, showing them how to use that free gift, asking them questions, asking them to ask you questions, and so on. So that's what's called an autoresponder sequence. 

And then the other is a broadcast email. So I mostly broadcast:  I have only a few sequences.  And these broadcasts allow me to announce my latest three blog posts, because I put out three a week.  It allows them to see any new helpful content I have. 

And then I also announce where I'm speaking that week,whether they have to belong to a program or free online or offline speaking. For example, I usually do three free live lessons a month on things just like I'm talking about right now.

I said all of that to say this: you have the ability to stay in contact. There's three places where you can start for free

  1. They allow you to have a sequence or two, which is all you really need. You can broadcast more often.  You can have up to 500 contacts for free. That's plenty of contacts for somebody just starting out in healing.   

I don't have many considering how long I’ve been in business, but I have an active list. And every once in a while I go and I clean up my list by asking them,  “Do you still want to get emails from me?” If they say no, they are dropped.   

2.  There's MailChimp.  You get up to 2000 contacts for free but you cannot use their autoresponder, except for when they opt in and they get one response, not a sequence. Basically you can only broadcast, which is very handy for helping you connect and build rapport with your list, this is the service I use for cleaning up my main list and other small jobs.

3. And ConvertKit used to allow 500 contacts.They've recently reduced it down to 300 but you can build pretty landing pages here. 

Using a platform with an integrated email service is great:

So all of those are for email management alone. But what I always suggest is using a platform. A platform is something that allows you to create a website, put a blog up, put up a couple of opt-in pages,  and have an integrated email list. 

And there are three that are recommend. There are lots of them: kartra, clickfunnels, builderall, etc.   I tried almost all of them.   

There are three that I recommend because of the ease of use and the costs. There are two that are free to start: 

  1.  One is Groove: you'll find the link here:  You can start for free and keep the free level (which is limited).  They will be running a promotion shortly that will allow you to buy with a single price their highest level with unlimited emails forever.  They’re also lowering the prices of their tiers to make it competitive with Systeme. It has an email system or integration with MailChimp.
  2. And the other one is systeme: And system is spelled with an E on the end, because they're European, and they like to put “e” on things. One nice thing about system is that once you get into the paid versions, the paid versions are actually very economical. You can start at $27 a month, that's if you pay for the year. So it's basically what 300 A year that's not bad, right? 
  3. The platform that I use (paid after a trial period only) is  Kajabi. The reason why I like: it is it has everything that a healer would need at the lowest level to get their business going. It allows you to do coaching, put coaching notes in, make appointments with people, collect payments, set up sales pages, and the sales pages can look absolutely gorgeous. You can set up products, you can set up funnels, you can do your blog, there's a whole plethora of things you can do on it. Check it out with this link: . And sometimes they have special deals. So click the link below and find out more about it. 

I hope that today was super helpful for you to look at free resources you can get online to get you started with the right tools in your business.  Last time I talked about Calendly and, which you know is free to a certain extent. And these are ways that you can really get your business going without incurring a lot of high costs. Next, I'm going to talk a little bit more about getting online and what to do to help grow your business. I look forward to seeing you next time.

Standout Quotes:

  • "When you’re just starting a new healing business, free online tools that do some of the essential tasks help with your cash flow."
  • "Using images on your websites, social media, business card, pamphlets and presentations adds visual interest to your healing business.  Make sure they’re not copyrighted, it could get expensive!" 
  • "Staying connected with your potential healing clients is important to build rapport and have them understand your offerings." 
  • "There are many online tools to edit images for free for your healing business."  
  • "You have the ability to stay in contact with your healing prospects, by sending your own content or interesting content from others, using your CRM for emailing."