Have a Helpful Message for  Healers & Conscious Business Owners?

Every show is scripted to show off your best side.  Please submit your information on the link.  During the show dialog, it's more back and forth banter rather than getting one question after another.  The most value is received when you are able to offer some helpful tips, either to feel better or have a better business.


Here's what I need from you & the questions you're asked:


What you will need for the application is a bio, social media links, image with 1400px minimum on a side, website links, any free gifts you offer, and questions other than those below.  Looking forward to having you on!  Please go to my iTunes channel to give it a 5-star rating, so you will be found more easily.

Here are my standard set of questions, which I revise to fit you and your content:

1. Hi {}, Everyone has a very personal story on how they started down the path to helping people with whatever they do.   Could you tell us yours?

2.  How did you get started?  What was the first thing you did?

3.  Let’s talk about some typical results.  What do you commonly do for people and what is the final result.  Take us through the process.

After the break, {}, I’d like to talk about some of the really tough cases and how you solved them.

Break (prerecorded, you won’t have to listen to it,  I just do an out-ro and intro right after.

4. {}, before the break we talked about some of the typical results you get when working with others.  Let’s talk about the really tough cases.  {}  What do you recommend for them?

5. Could you give us one or two of your top tips?

6. For those of us that have businesses that survive, I think it is passion that drives us.  But there’s more, developing a know how and knack for being able to earn a living from your passion.

7. How did you get started and walk us through some of the steps of landing some of the big clients.

8. What is it that made you different from other people with your skill set, being a great {}.

9. What is one quick action tip you would give to someone who is launching a new program designed to help someone?

10. What is the biggest lesson you learned that to do over again you would pass onto someone just starting out?

For people to connect with {} to find your offerings and free gifts, go to {your website, email or phone number}