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The Science of Healing


Healers Don't Ask Enough for Their Services, Keeping them in Poverty and Energetically Depleted.


Potential Clients Often Don't Understand Energy Healing And Shy Away From It

This results in two major problems, healers earn too little and are unable to reach enough people.  Healers are here to change the world, improve life on this planet and release suffering, yet are unable to because people, including healers, are in  

The Science of Healing allows you to amplify and intensify your special gifts and stabilize and improve your own energy levels.  It gives you the language to connect with your ideal clients and ask for the value your services deliver.  


The Science of Healing program gives you the means to:

  • protect you from unwanted low energy thoughts and emotions that others project;
  • amplify and direct your healing efforts; and
  • leave you with more energy and clear thoughts at the end of the day.

It literally makes you younger from the inside out enabling you to take your business to the next level.

Using the Science of Healing to your advantage…

You can change your life and even help others change theirs. And you can further awaken and develop your intuition and healing skills to help yourself and others quickly, easily and effectively.

Does this describe you?

  • Do you want to strengthen your intuition and healing skills?
  • Do you take on other peoples issues either as pain or emotions that drag you down and leave you drained at the end of the day?
  • Are you surrounded by difficult people and nay sayers that hold you back when you should be soaring?
  • Did you have a difficult relationship that still affects you emotionally, physically and mentally, so much so that it holds you back on many levels?
  • Does everyone come to you for help but you have nowhere to go for you to receive help?

You can change your life and even help others change theirs.

Twenty years ago I became so ill, I had only up to two good hours a day, even though I had taken good care of myself physically.

Using my work as an international researcher in vibrational physics for 40 years, I combined my physics knowledge with the ancient art of energy healing to begin healing myself. What I found is not only did I get better, but I was able to amplify my results!



My proven protocols help you reach your highest potential in mental clarity, vitality and health in the shortest amount of time so you can fulfill your mission and purpose in life, whatever that may be.


You cannot be your best when you are tired, worn down or struggling with past emotional blocks that are preventing you from moving forward. You cannot be the best provider of sacred space and healing energy if your energy is blocked, low or you are overwhelmed with the feelings of others.

But you can now raise your frequency and free up your own emotional and energetic space so that you are living more powerfully and energetically, creating the best outcomes for your clients, and gaining the confidence and vitality to serve others in the way that only you can.


In this unique program, you will

  • discover simple daily practices that promote health, mental clarity and energy that you can use for yourself or help your clients
  • amplify your intuition and energy healing skills, no matter what modality you use, it will become strengthened and amplified. You'll be able to trust your inner voice and gain more confidence.
  • discover a series of healing protocols that you can use for yourself or others to improve their lives. This includes help in the 8 factors that are paramount to good health.
  • understand what to do to help you and others heal from almost anything -- without wiping you out. It is the first step in becoming a healer, which we should all become, for ourselves, if nothing else. Take charge of your own health and well being.
  • Say ‘NO MORE!’ to being helpless and living with things you have been told are incurable.



The introductory course to The Science of Healing.

In this new unique tele-program on energy management and healing, you will receive:


  • 3 month live program (via computer)
  • Lifetime access to the recorded live sessions. Value $5000.
  • One specialty healing audio for your specific need. Value $50
  • Private Facebook group with access to Dr. Chopelas for questions and help. Value Priceless
  • Lifetime access to live biweekly coaching session

Total Value: $7050. No doubt it would be worth this much to you and maybe more, considering how your life will change. Often, clients get off medications that cost them more than this yearly. However, you can get it at a fraction of its value.

Here are your fast-action Bonuses:

  • A physical copy, audio version and electronic copy of “The Diamond Healing Method: Get Healthy No Matter What Your Doctor Says” Value $120.
  • Access to the Diamond Enriched Life Program. Value $297

Bringing your total value to 

Enrollment in this course is to be only $1997, but because this is the initial offering, your investment today is only $1497*. Join us on this journey!


Join Dr. Anastasia in the Science of Healing Program to
  • amplify and intensify your skills,
  • speak confidently about your healing in a way that .

Partial syllabus to this introductory course on Scientific Healing. Each topic will be accompanied by exercises, self and instructor assessments, and healing audios to promote your skills, intuition and health.

  • Introduction to Scientific Healing
    1. Nature of your human existence, including before life and after death,
    2. The physics of matter and energy and how they play a role in your existence
    3. Ethics of healing others
    4. The energy of truth
    5. Your protection from outside energies, including bothersome negative spirits and people
  • Spiritual healing
    1. Clearing your spiritual time line
    2. Clearing your energy fields and channels
    3. Centering your spirit in your body, feeling balanced and energized
    4. Clearing unhealthy inherited energy patterns
    5. Raising your life force and potential for perfect health
  • Healing the emotional body
    1. Emotional resonance with the body, high energy and low energy emotions
    2. Clearing the 12 meridians, removing emotional blocks
    3. Energy of relationships, clearing emotional "baggage" quickly and easily
  • Healing old mental patterns
    1. Reprogramming cultural and family patterns
    2. Clearing out mental clutter to bring in abundance
    3. The energy of language and words
    4. Healing the brain

Her unique scientific protocols are….

…. so powerful that other healers seek her out when they need help. She is the healer’s healer.

What others have said:

Energy and Vitality Significantly Improve “Dr. Anastasia Chopelas is the person I recommend to all my colleagues who need healing and traditional medicine or practices have failed. Her message needs to be heard. Anastasia has been my healer and I've noticed my energy and vitality significantly increase.” ——— Eiji Morishita, Founder of Speak Your Genius

Dr. Anastasia Chopelas

an international-level physicist who researched the vibrations of matter, thermodynamics, and quantum physics at prestigious universities and institutes worldwide. She has combined this knowledge with her innate healing skills to help create over 250 medical miracles this last year.

She discovered these skills and learned about natural healing out of necessity to move out of illness, overwhelm and fatigue. She needed to support/ raise her children while in a high-powered career. Since then, she’s recovered from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, debilitating arthritis, a large tumor, extreme fatigue and chronic migraines and reclaimed her youthful energy, mental clarity and vitality without medication.

Her inquisitive mind and refusal to accept the status quo has helped hundreds of individuals, in groups and in her private practice, recover their health and vitality, earn more money and even meet the loves of their lives. Join her on this journey to becoming more powerful and effective.

or call me at 310-692-4036 for other payment plans

Joyce Rosenblad"I have first-hand experience with Anastasia's amazing healing work! She removed an old emotional attachment that was holding me back in many ways and also helped diminish/manage my chronic migraines. She is the real deal!" Joyce Rosenblad, The Sacred Stylist

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who Is This For? The purpose of this course is to give everyone, people who are interested in becoming healers and those who are interested in taking charge of their life, simple tools and basics for managing their energy but not necessarily interested in becoming a full time healer.

What times are the sessions being offered? Once the registrations are completed (soon), the participants will be polled to discover the best times. It will be offered more than once a week (the same lesson). You may attend either or both if you wish. Just let me know who I may expect when.

What if I can't make my session this week? You will be able to attend the other session times. Otherwise the calls are recorded where you'll get the full benefit except for asking live questions. You can always ask them in the FB group.

Are you offering this course again? Yes, but in all likelihood, it will be at the regular price of $1997. Future classes may also not be live; there will only be question answer sessions once a week.

Are you teaching everything about your healing process in this course? No, this is an introductory course. There is a subsequent course which will cover the complexities of physical healing. You will be able to do many many things when your done. The purpose of this course is to give everyone, people who are interested in becoming healers and those who are interested in taking charge of their life, but not necessarily interested in becoming a full time healer.

Do you have a more advanced program? Yes, it will be offered directly after the introductory course. There will be a review, an assessment of your progress, and then a more extensive program covering everything else for reprogramming you for health and success.

Do you have a guarantee?Yes, I guarantee to give you everything I have. If you fully participate, you will transform and develop. It will be a smaller transformation if you just attend the sessions or listen to the recordings. If you don't attend any sessions or don't watch/listen to the recordings and do no exercises or listen to the healing audios, nothing will change. It's up to you.

Do you have other payment options? Yes, please call me at 310-692-4036 and we can arrange it.


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