5-Step Energize Your Nutrition Program

Raise Your Life Force Energy for Your Vibrant Life

Did you know that there’s more to food than your calories or macronutrients.  You suspected it.  You’ve seen mediocre restaurants thrive while excellently prepared food wasn’t enough to draw customers.  Did you ever wonder why? 

In this program, you will discover a unique perspective on food and nutrition.  It has more to do with the energy of your food, how it is prepared, and why you metabolize foods differently than others. 

In this short program, you not only learn about food in a different way, you also learn the science behind it.

The modules in this program include:

  1. Why you metabolize foods differently than others.  How your emotions when preparing or eating certain foods play a role.  Part of this module is self-discovery
  2. What does food have it in energetically that causes cravings.  This session includes releasing anger and depression, two common emotions that we “stuff”.  Includes discussion of fertilizers, pesticides and GMO’s
  3. Should you follow a vegan lifestyle?  Are animal based foods okay to eat energetically?  Energy healing includes relieving the body of toxins.
  4. Steps to take to raise the life force energy of your food, no matter the source.  A discussion on the care your adrenal glands for your best life.  How your food prep can make all the difference in the energy of your food (not the calories). 
  5. A simplified life force energy food sale.  Energy healing includes resetting your energy fields and clearing your channels of blockages.  Evidence that emotions affect your food and the people around you. 

Each session is approximately 15 minutes with clear instructions on what to do.  Includes a homework assignment after each module to reinforce the results.