All Available Healing Audios

I have created unique and powerful healing audios that are highly effective at targeting specific issues and only take a few minutes a day. They promote a deep restful sleep which brings you more physical and mental energy. The healing aspects of these audios are based on physics, biology, energy work and psychology and are designed to support your body, mind and spirit. These unique and powerful healing audios are highly effective at targeting specific issues. All audios work on at least six levels. They stimulate different parts of the body and brain: you are directed to relax and let the tension, worry and stress release from your being, which brings you into the parasympathetic or healing state.  They might sound like something you've heard before but they work differently.  


There are currently 8 separate audios, including healing the root cause of pain, your vision, correcting blood sugar, healing your distress especially in your gut, nerve and muscle regeneration, and bonds in relationships.  Separately they are $49, all together they are $99.  When new audios are made, they are added to the portal for free