Muscle testing for accessing your subconscious

Its scientific basis and

secrets of getting your most accurate answers

Discover your deepest secrets, desires and wishes NOW!

Muscle testing is a way to access your subconscious, that part of you that takes in way more information than your brain can process.  Although accused of being likened to soothsaying or divination, it has nothing in common with it. It is in fact scientifically based on your physiological responses to various stimuli, backed by tests at top universities.

Discover how to take advantage of your physiological responses to stimuli and interpret the results.  You’ll also discover alternatives to muscle testing that you can use to confirm your results or help you improve further. 

Too many people use muscle testing without taking precautions and end up with compromised results.  Take those precautions, learn them here.

In this short program, you not only discover these scientifically backed processes, you also learn the science behind them.

The modules in this program include:

  1. Definition of muscle testing
  2. Tips on improving muscle testing
  3. Quick summary of 4 muscle testing techniques you can do with your fingers.
  4. How to improve your muscle testing by removing your energy or emotional blocks
  5. Cautions for muscle testing: when to use or not use their results
  6. Active imagination dialoging as an alternative to muscle testing
  7. Other alternatives to muscle testing that allows you to verify your results.

Each session is approximately 15 minutes with clear instructions on what to do with an included booklet