Three Methods To Access Your Subconscious And Why You Would Want To

Episode #8

As an energetically sensitive person, knowing how to read your subconscious accurately can help you in many ways. This includes reading your own energy, knowing what decision is in alignment with you without outside influence, and much more  Free live training for healers:   

It’s not just about muscle testing, which is a physiological response to stress.  It also includes other methods, some as simple as getting quiet, asking yourself some questions, and then journaling about it.

Listen in to learn more.

Standout quotes for accessing your subconscious accurately:

  • "While your conscious mind can process about 200 bits per second, your subconscious mind can process about a million bits per second."
  • "When you hear the truth, your muscles will test stronger."
  • "What the brief meditation does is it helps your whole body relax and helps your cortisol levels drop very rapidly."
  • "My heart is wide open and yours should be too as long as there are no extra cords attached.”
  • “By pulling out what's deep in your subconscious, you can come up with answers that are going to suit you. In other words, they're going to be in alignment with what it is that you truly want.”
  • “Because remember, there's somebody praying for you to come and help them:  you have the solution that they're praying for."

Key takeaways for learning your true desires and wishes in your subconscious:

  • There are several ways to access your subconscious mind: Muscle Test, Finger Test, Sway Test, as well as journaling.
  • A muscle test is a physiological response of the body based on the information in your subconscious mind.
  • A sway test is like a pendulum wherein you’ll be asking yourself questions and you would be swaying in one direction or another depending on the answer.
  • If you don’t like relying on your body for its response, journaling is a good thing to do after you meditate.
  • Muscle test does not always work. It depends on the condition of the body, whether you’re relaxed, hydrated, and well-rested or not.


Episode Timeline:

[00:00] Introduction to the topic
[00:33] Promotion
[01:48] Muscle Testing
[03:59] Finger Test
[04:56] Physiological response based on your subconscious
[06:21] Sway Test
[07:49] Journaling after a brief meditation
[09:29] The result of accessing your subconscious mind
[10:37] Benefits of this ability
[12:22] Thing to keep in mind
[13:24] Closing

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