How to maintain and protect your life-force energy when healing others

Episode #7

Use this two-step process to protect and recover your energy when working with others.  As a healer or even business person, you are dealing with many people and of these most are needing or wanting something from you. Free live training for healers:   If you are sensitive to them, you can become drained of energy, creativity, motivation, and drive. 

Using this simple two-step process, you can protect yourself very well and even recover what you gave away during conversation, healing or just being in the same room with them.  All the healers that train with me remark on how much better they feel just doing these two processes and the centering and breathing I mention in this broadcast.

Anyone can do these.  Listen in to learn how.

Standout Quotes for Protecting Your Energy While Healing Others:

  • "The more people that you're able to help, the better. If your focus is somewhere else, you draw yourself out, and you stop being centered. That means you stop focusing on your well-being."
  • "The center of your body needs to match the center of your spirit."
  • "When you're centered, the energy of your spirit animates your body."

Key Takeaways for the 2-Step Process to Use when Healing Others:

  • When people come together, no matter how in what capacity it is, there's always an energy exchange happening when people come together. And that energy exchange happens because they acknowledge one another, and they want to connect.
  • As a healer, what will happen is that your healing client will come in because they need you for something. They will draw you down because of their needs. You need to protect yourself.
  • To protect yourself, you need to create a release pathway as your client is putting energy into you. One such pathway is a grounding cord down into the earth and letting the excess energy they're giving you drain off. Connect up to spirit to let new high vibe energy come into you.
  • Roses are the highest vibration living things that we know of; their vibrations go up around 300 to 320 megahertz, that's about four times what a human vibrates.
  • Centering means that you bring yourself back down into you, right, you pull yourself up and out and put your attention elsewhere. 


Episode Timeline:

[01:48] Protection
[03:43] Retrieving Your Energy
[06:34] Soul Retrieval
[08:55] Centering
[12:17] Deep Breathing


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