How Your Frequency Interacts With Others

Episode #6

In this episode, you'll hear about how energies of other people interact with yours and what you can do about it. Free live training for healers to become highly paid:   

You already know that happy, cheerful people make you feel better, while angry or depressive people can bring you down. There are a number of ways we interact with one another to exchange energy with them: you don’t even have to be in the same country as the other for it to impact you. This is especially important for highly sensitive people, like healers and empaths.  

Anytime you think of the other person with an emotion attached to that thought, they are influencing your energy. When you are in proximity to another, even without conversation, you are exchanging energy. It can be on the phone or over zoom, you are not protected.   

There are up to 14 ways other people can influence your energy: it’s not just cords, contracts, agreements and karma. Learn how you are influenced and a few tips to help you out.   

Standout Quotes:

  • When two people come together, with their own personal frequency., they create either constructive or destructive interference.
  • By pulling your energy field in tightly when you're around people that you don't feel safe with, it helps protect you from picking up their energies. And it's especially helpful when you're in a big crowd to pull yourself in tightly because it helps you not pick up all of that foreign energy.  
  • The healthier we are, the more intact our fields. And the more we can repel out of us all that negative energy out of us.

Key Takeaways:

When two people are together, their frequencies can actually vibe together. They create an interference based on their relationship. That interference can either be destructive or constructive.  

Distancing yourself from people you don’t feel safe with protects you from their negative frequencies.

You could learn to pull your energy field tightly so that you will not pick up any negative energy from people.

Take care of yourself, especially your health. Remember that the healthier you are, the more powerful and intact your energy field is. And the more you can repel the negative energy from negative people and even places.


Episode Timeline:

[01:28] Interactions with Other People
[02:54] People Vibing at a Low Frequency
[03:41] Changing the Size of your Energy Field
[05:12] Energy Expansion and Contraction
[07:00] Pulling Yourself in Tightly
[09:01] Method of Cording
[10:38] Goal of Healing

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