How Managing Energy Flow Into & Out of You Helps You Become Unstoppable

Episode #2

Have you ever encountered someone, whether you know them or not, that just makes you feel totally depleted? How about someone that boosts your energy and mood? These are examples of having your personal frequencies or energies mix, either destructively or constructively.

As healers (or highly sensitive people), controlling the flow of energy into and out of you allows you to end your day on a high note, meaning you feel as great at the end of the day as you did in the beginning.

As a healer or coach that works with energy, you’ll find you can help more people and go more places, rather than needing to be a recluse. This is common with introverts. I’m an extreme introvert: learning this was paramount for me to be able to improve my income and my relationships.

Listen in to learn more.

Standout Quotes:

  • “If you're vibrating at a particular frequency, you've got this wavelength, frequency, and this amplitude, and you encounter somebody else, and they have a slightly different frequency. What happens is that those two things admix, when they interact with one another, and it starts getting a little chaotic.”
  • “Interference can affect you. When you have a lot of interference and you haven't cleaned yourself up, you will end up depleted.”
  • “An extrovert loves to be around other people because they're energized by it. And an introvert can love to be around other people, but they need time in between to recoup their energy”
  • “You can filter out all the low-frequency vibrations and allow only the high-frequency vibrations.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Managing the energy flow into and out of you helps you maintain your vibrancy and energy while building a successful business and income. It's reflected in your personal frequency.
  • If you are looking at the waveform of a recording of your voice, for example, you see all these jagged forms. That is the combination of all the frequencies that are coming out of your mouth at the same time.
  • You can protect yourself by shutting yourself off.  This means you don't get the high frequency energy into you either.   
  • Many introverts can be easily affected by other people's energies. They might withdraw.
  • To manage your energy flow coming in and out of you, especially public places, you can create a shield around yourself wherein the energy you receive is only the high-frequency vibrations.

Episode Timeline:

[02:35] Interference - Admixture of Frequency
[04:05] Definition of Introversion and Extroversion
[05:04] Creating a shield around yourself
[06:07] You can become contaminated by different energies
[07:56] Learning how to probe quickly is helpful in dealing with a dysfunctional environment.
[08:38] The Release Process to clean the low energies out.
[09:14] You are only the instrument. You are not the healer
[11:11] The two-step process to manage the energy coming in and out of you

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She founded Healer's University to help other healers with their businesses and their skills. She teaches a unified healing approach combining vibrational physics with ancient energy healing arts which is responsible for expediting thousands of healings.

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