Dr. Anastasia ChopelasDr. Anastasia Chopelas is the Scientific Healer and founder of the Diamond Healing Method, a sophisticated healing technique that includes molecular and vibrational physics. After completing an MS in Geochemistry at Caltech, she earned PhD in Chemistry at UCLA. She then spent 38 years in geophysical research at prestigious institutions: Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz, Germany; University of Nevada, Las Vegas; University of Washington; and UCLA, where she contributed chapters in numerous books and published scholarly articles. Some of these have since become the genesis of courses.

Twenty years ago, Anastasia became ill despite good health habits. Conventional medical care had no answers. Instead, she sought solutions using her well-honed research skills. She studied nutrition, homeopathy, energy healing modalities, including becoming a Reiki master. She then became her first successful client. Understanding quantum mechanics helped Anastasia how healing energy permeates time, dimension and space - her experience in vibrational physics helped create new powerful protocols.

Anastasia has helped hundreds of people move out of dis-ease and into vibrant health. The basics of her methods are laid out in her recent best selling book: The Diamond Healing Method: Get Healthy No Matter What Your Doctor Says.

Anastasia lives in Southern California healing and teaching people how to heal themselves and amplify their intuition and healing skills in order to maintain and sustain vitality, wealth, and great relationships long term. You can discover more about her healing work at scientifichealer.com and her courses here at the Scientific Healer's Academy.


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