Getting Aligned with Your Innate Energetic Blueprint to Grow Your Wealth

Oct 17, 2022

Your energetic blueprint carries the patterns that will allow you to grow your wealth easily.  Fighting against these patterns, or going out of alignment with your truth, can create roadblocks and prevent you from becoming the abundant and happy person you were meant to be.  Find out what is an energetic pattern, what sorts of behaviors can cause you to veer off your blueprint, and what can help you get back on.   I invite you to a free live training and wealth block clearing using the High Paid Healers Protocol to bringing in more income, go to:   

Standout Quotes:

  • "When you are out of alignment with your energetic blueprint, it can create business or wealth blocks."
  • "We live in communities that carry its own truth. And it may not be the spiritual truth." 
  • "You might believe something to be truth, but it may not be.  It might be the hidden cause that causes you to deviate from your energetic blueprint." 
  • "if you don't feel worthy, you will not attract people into your business. I want you to know you are worthy and infinitely valuable." 
  • "We’ve known scientifically for a century that your energetic blueprint is with you from the time your egg was fertilized in vivo." 
  • "You are your business.  Every faulty belief will loom large at some point for you to overcome to help you and your business grow." 
  • "Using phony advertising schemes like false scarcity or false time limits sabotages your integrity."


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In addition, avoid these three mistakes when building your healing business.  

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