Defining You: How to Attract Healing Clients by Being Uniquely You

Jun 25, 2024

Are you struggling to attract your ideal clients as a healer?

You're not alone. Many healers make the common mistake of listing all their certifications and types of healing they offer, which often fails to resonate with potential clients.

In today's broadcast, I'll explain why this approach isn't working and what you should do instead. Discover how to define your unique selling proposition (USP) to shine in the crowded field of healing. Learn what to include on your bio page to make it compelling and engaging, helping you stand out and connect with your audience.

I'll share my journey from physicist to healer and how embracing my unique story transformed my practice. By the end of this broadcast, you'll have actionable steps to define your unique approach and effectively market yourself. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your healing practice and attract the clients you truly want to serve!



Are you struggling to attract your ideal clients as a healer?

Are you making the same mistake that so many other healers make by listing all your certifications and the kinds of healing you do? 

In today’s broadcast, I’ll explain why this strategy is failing you and what to do instead.  You will discover that figuring out your unique selling proposition will help you shine in the crowded field of healing. You’ll also hear about what could go on your bio page instead of a list of credentials. This is the second most viewed page on any website.  Stay tuned to learn what to take into consideration in marketing yourself and create your unique selling proposition based on your history, story, or desires.

When I first discovered that I could heal, as a physicist, I felt like I was someone with a secret identity.  I didn’t want to let the two worlds collide.  I talked like every other healer on the planet, using woo words, and not mentioning my background as a physicist.  I felt like a walking oxymoron— science and energy healing seemed at odds with one another. 

One friend asked me why I was hiding my background as a scientist.  My understanding of healing was unique and had depth to it.  It was my research skills and depth of scientific understanding that helped me become my first success story out of chronic illness.  I am also a lifelong student, allowing me to put on my scientist glasses as I studied many modalities of healing and began to develop my own take on what energy healing is and how to make it longer-lasting.  

I came out of the closet so to speak.  When other healers discovered I knew quantum physics (and even taught it at the university level), other healers asked me to teach them the connection.  I filled my programs by speaking about this.  

This gives me a unique story and perspective  that resonated deeply with my clients and my students. Your story is just as powerful, and today, I'll help you uncover it.

Step 1: Define your unique approach.  How to stand out in a crowd of sameness.  

Many healers struggle because they appear too similar to others. Your unique background and journey are what set you apart.  Are you trained in cranial sacral therapy, Reiki, Touch for Health, or Emotion Code?  Or all of them?  What makes you different from anyone else? 

Why did you choose these trainings?  Why did you not choose to learn how to market yourself?  I too was under the deluded belief that I just had to say I was a healer and people would like up.  This did not happen.  

Your biography is an important part of your marketing, not to be forgotten.  You need it for your website, for your talks, for your client enrollment.  It lends credibility and heart to your enrolling process. 

Your story includes the components that are relevant to your product, nothing more, nothing less. It’s not a full biography but a narrative that highlights the defining moment that led you into healing.  It can be just a couple of sentences or longer if it is necessary.

Start by writing your story in this context: focus on the epiphany or defining event that led you into healing, the type of healing, what you heal, or why you care about this. 

Include what is different about you than others. When you are interviewed by others or asked what you do, you’ll need different length bios.  Start with a 200-word bio, then trim it down to 100, 50, and 25 words for different platforms.  Keep this in a file on your computer.

Step 2, Add the bits and pieces of your story that make you stand out.

Let’s start with the defining event that led you to healing. This could be a personal health crisis or a significant life changeā€‹.

It could be you battled a serious illness, were told you wouldn’t survive, walk again, or live seriously impaired.  But you emerged successfully. This personal journey can resonate deeply with others facing similar challenges.  

You may not have suffered any of these but you come from a family of healers and love helping others when no one else can.  You can look to other famous healers, such as Barbara Ann Brennan, who was able to see auric colors and connect what she was seeing to what others were experiencing.  Or Judith Orloff, who had a very out-of-body experience while going through what should have been a deadly car crash.

There is something in your life that led you to healing.  What was it?  

What was happening in your life before you were a healer? What were the key moments that led you to decide to do this?

Your distinction could also be your background, such as transitioning from a corporate career to healing, which brings a unique perspective and skill set to your practiceā€‹.

What is your big driver?

Imagine getting well is like crossing a bridge: what steps will it take to get to the other side?

You can ask yourself other questions such as: What is your age group, gender, specific issue, income, where do you spend time, what do you read, where do you shop, what were your interests before you started down this journey?

This can help you define your unique self and your unique selling point.

If you are still stuck, 

You can also ask for help from or chatGPT by giving it a prompt such as

I am an energy healer in the health and healing niche. I support people struggling with [example, pain, and insomnia]. 

What are 5 questions you could ask me when, if you had the answers, you would be set up for success when I send my requests for advertising content?

Step 3: Identifying Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) 

Your USP could be a unique process you've developed, a particular demographic you serve, or a specific problem you solve.  Look at who your favorite clients are what the most common issue people come to you for or even what issue once it’s solved for a client makes your heart sing.  

You could be attracting many people with similar issues.  For a while, I attracted people who wanted help with their relationships.   It could be you love helping women with their fertility, or are passionate about helping people with their migraines or depression.  There could be a personal component to it.

Example: Combining Emotion Code with cranial sacral therapy to address both emotional and physical traumasā€‹.

Sometimes, your uniqueness stems from necessity, such as developing a new healing approach after an injury was untreatable by traditional medicine.  One of my friends, Dr. Tedd Koren, was in a car accident and was unable to practice chiropractic because of how he was left.  He developed a new methodology that he calls the Koren Specific Technique to release trauma out of the body.  He became well and has taught this powerful method to hundreds if not thousands of other chiropractors and healers.  I know first hand it works because he released a head trauma from me that caused years of headaches.  Never mind the thousands of success stories this modality has produced.

As for me, my unique approach is combining science and spirituality to create a systematic, scientific approach to energy healing that anyone can follow and perform.  I noticed that it sped up the process and created longer-lasting results.  I teach the science of healing as well as the healing.  Like Tedd, I developed my own protocols that are responsible for medical miracles for both me and my students.  

You’ve got your own approach, create a list of what you do, why you do it, and what led you to it, and focus on what you want to heal to be able to sell yourself uniquely.  Journaling about this is the fastest way to define yourself.  You can then put this into chatGPT to help you create your offer: defining who you serve, what you help them with, what the before and after is, how you deliver what you offer, and testimonials.  

You don’t need to worry about it being too narrowly defined.  People who need you will find you, especially if you are open to welcoming them in.

Your list of certifications needn’t be up front and center because most of us healers have learned many modalities.  The average person has no idea what these are and doesn’t really pay attention to the details.  They just want to know that you can get the job done.  Alternatively, you can simply say that you are passionate about helping people with your specialty and that you have studied a variety of methods to insure you are prepared for any issue that might arise.

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