How you show up & online presence tips to improve your business

Jul 04, 2022

Making the mistake of looking like you just got out of bed when you go to the grocery store can lead to trouble, especially if you bump into one of your clients or even a great potential client.  Use some of these tips to help you get your day going right and avoid this situation.  Free live training on how to fill your calendar as a healer so you can support yourself and your family, go to:  

Let’s talk a little bit more about your visibility and how you show up. 

And these tips are some of the things that I learned along the way, sometimes learned the hard way.  These tips nonetheless moved the needle for me and others. 

I have encountered several speaking experts in my networking meetings and going to conferences. They say, when you are up on a stage, and your audience is a little low, you have to be careful of how you show up. If I'm showing up on a raised stage, I should be careful, especially my shoes and make sure they're fresh with my toes covered.

Then I thought: what about everywhere else?  You are marketing your business everywhere, right? Wherever you show up with other people, for example.  They ask you to go on a quick zoom call.  

And if you are like I was in the beginning: when I was doing a lot of work and developing my courses I would be casual. Now I before I leave my bedroom in the morning, I am showered, my hair is groomed,  I my makeup on,  I have good clothes on. I’m looking ready to go wherever, on camera or out in public.

That means that I'm representing who I am, I'm dressed up that way as a good representative of my brand.  This makes a huge difference because  it’s happened where people want to make a quick zoom call with me. For example, can you get on zoom right now and you don't have to go comb your hair. You can be all set to go

 Remember, all you need is a checking account to start a business

Therefore, The way you show up everywhere is your brand and image.  It is that important. For example, when you go gas, you take a vacation, or go shopping, make sure that you are representing yourself in a positive way.

Don't go with messy hair and use a light version of your makeup.  For me,  just a little eyeliner.  This is how I show up everywhere.If I were to go to a conference, this is how I would show up. I would wear a pair of nice yoga pants or nice slacks and a pair of heels with a soft and flowing jacket, similar to what I wear in any of my videos. 

Your brand and images is what you put on your cards, your website, and how you show up. Wherever you show up doesn't matter but show up looking like your brand.  Likewise, showing up to give your talk.  

Even your online talks must reflect your brand

Live, look like your brand.  Online, make sure that your background is neat. You can see that I always have my background back here. Neat and uncluttered, filled with things that I have identified with.  I have been collecting antiques for a long time like the one behind me I've had for about 50 years. And the one to the left, I've had for about 30 years.  

I've been to online meetings where people had their ironing boards and unmade bed behind them.  It doesn't look good. Like I'm thinking to myself well what else isn’t done? Make sure that it is representative of you. 

And if you can't have a neat background, put a screen or big poster behind you. Use a sheet with your brand pictures on it or use a green screen.  If you can’t control the background in the room you can control the background with a green screen using zoom for example.

Your business card, online presence, and website also represents you

Another thing when you go out to speak, you hand out your card.  People are going to look you up online. They're going to go to your Facebook page or your LinkedIn page or your website. They're going to look you up online. Who are you, who are you connected to and a lot of them will friend you on Facebook, they'll connect to you on Twitter or LinkedIn or wherever you show up, right? 

If you're not ready to put up a three to five page website, which is easy to do.   It can even be a single long page, as a long business card. And those are relatively easy to do and a lot of them you can do for free. You can do it on places like GoDaddy, that is,  the single page sites. There are lots of free places to do that.

Another option for you is a Facebook fan page. The disadvantage of using Facebook is you don't own it, they control it right. One of my friends used her Facebook fan page as her website. And so what she did was she put who she is and then the click button to learn more. It set up an appointment with her. 

You can put your appointment link on the learn more button. You can put what you do, your testimonials, videos and more. It's just that the content is always flowing.  

That allowed her to create a page where people could see what she does, some testimonials, and get some idea who she is and how to connect with her. 

That allows when you give a talk for somebody to go and say, “oh, yeah, that's Dr. Anastasia. I can see her now.” 

What pages are helpful for a healers website

On the 3 to 5 page website, you’ll have a cover page that talks a little bit about what it is you have to offer. Your bio page which includes some of that and has your story on it. Your contact page has ways for people to get in touch with you. And that's like the bare minimum. Those are the pages that people are most interested in. 

You might have testimonials page on there, to have the praise that you've received. And then you can have a services offered page. That's really helpful for people to have. And and those are pretty easy to do. 

Places like Wix or square up have the ability to help you use one of their templates to get all those pages set up. 

When you go speak, collect other people’s contact information rather than giving out your own.

The next thing is when you go out and give talks or when you go meet people, make sure you collect their names, their email addresses and their phone numbers. You can ask for their card. I suggest you have a CRM, meaning a customer relationship management system.  That is like an email system with their contacts. There are some that you can use for free for a while. 

Ask them if it's okay to put them in your system. That way you will be able to grow your contact list and then stay in touch with them with valuable and helpful content.  I recommend a minimum of one to two times a month.  I usually do it once a week.

Start creating content the easy way to grow your online presence.

Start with one method of creating content, written, spoken or video.  This is to help build your online presence. You could do Facebook Live for example. That's easy. You just turn on your phone, click the Live button.  Talk into the phone just like I'm doing right now. Or talk into your computer.  Now you've got a bit of video content.

You can download it or just re-record it off of Facebook. This helps with your live speaking.  Write down bullet points for your planned content, go over three things.  

Today, for example, I'm just gonna go over things to note on speaking:  how you show up,  second build a small online presence. And then third I'm going to talk briefly about using Facebook instead of a website. These are my three topics.  

You can create any kind of live video. I'm just thinking off the top of my head, right? But you can write the bullet points out.  Don't script it.  It doesn't come out very well.  I tried scripting and also tried using a teleprompter I came across as too wooden and stiff.   

There are people that are really good at it.  For example, actors, actresses, news people, and announcers use teleprompters all the time.  They're really good at it. I don't happen to be. I have to just talk off the top of my head. 

And sometimes I’ll say things like “you know”, and um” and “ right” .  Those speech tics are  in there. 

Tips for Using Your Facebook Fan Page as Your Website

The last thing is, I'm just going to mention again, your Facebook page.  A great thing about your Facebook page is that in your banner, you can place an image that says click here to schedule your free appointment or your free reading with me. When they click on it, you can see the script for the image off to the side. “ use this link to book now”  and then put the link.  That way when they click on the image, they're going to open up the picture description and the link is going to be there. 

You can use the same link in the Learn More button that they give you.  That's how that can be an effective homepage for you. And you can describe your business.  These are  really good tips that I learned from somebody else and I've found it useful.  People do book from there. 

You can give your Facebook page URL, like my Facebook page is  You can give your Facebook link out, put it on your cards and pamphlets. 

You have the ability to name your page. Say, your name is Linda: you could use LindaSmithhealing or just plain LindaSmith. You can put whatever you want and that way people have a place to go to find out more about you and have a way to connect with you. 

You can put your bio in there, describe your business: You have all kinds of options. And it's free. Even though, it doesn't belong to you, It's free.   You can add your business images, your business address, business phone number and other important information like your services. 

 I hope today was helpful for you to think about  how you show up,  that you are your brand, and that the way you show up in one place is the way you should show up everywhere. Show up dressed nicely to give a talk.   Remember that tip about not wearing sandals when you're on a stage.  It is actually a pretty good one that I use now.

This is helpful to know how you show up even in public at a grocery store: you don't want to be all rumpled, and at a talk, you want to wear what you normally wear but maybe a little bit nice to cut a nice image for your business.

Standout Quotes:

  • "When you are up on a stage, and your audience is below you, you have to be careful of how you dress, especially your feet.  They are going to be at eye-level."
  • " So wherever you show up, doesn't matter where, show up looking like your brand." 
  •  "If you're giving a talk online, make sure that your background is neat."
  • "The way you show up in one place is the way you should show up everywhere, so you can be a good representative of your brand."  
  • "Your online presence is another way you show up: have it consistent with your brand."  

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