The Importance of the Energy of your Words

May 13, 2022

You and your healing client will benefit from some minor shifts in your (and their) language to using higher frequency words to describe your/their process and your/their healing journey. To discover more about what this means for you, listen in or watch to learn more.   Free live training on how to become a highly paid healer in 3 months or less, go to:  

Standout Quotes:


  • All words have energy. A “Yes” is a much higher energy than a “No”. Likewise, “ True” is a much higher energy than “False.” 
  •  Words that make your clients depressed, such as depression, death, black, sorrow, etc., will pull their energy down.  Likewise, you will also feel worse, too. 
  • Jealousy, rage, anger, etc., these are all emotional places that we don't want to be.  Avoid using these words in conjunction with others.
  • When your words are at a higher frequency, it will attract people to you.
  • You can be consistently cheerful even if things aren't going your way. It raises your frequency.
  • Using negative words actually has the opposite effect on you and your clients.
  • To create a better outcome, instead of saying, “I'm never going to do that, again,” you can say, “that is in my rearview mirror” or  “that's in my past.”  This is a positive way of changing your present circumstances. 
  • Your words can affect people very easily.  Imagine your parent saying something negative to you.  How long did it affect you?
  • All of you have the ability to project energy out, especially with your words.
  •  by being conscious of how you speak, and conscious of the kind of words that you project forward, you can actually change the result of what's happening with other people.
  • To help you overcome the habit of negative words, become more observant of your speech patterns when it comes to negative words.
  •  When you are speaking to others, use high energy words to attract them.  Anything that's no, negative, or dark will repel people.

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