Using High Frequency Words Help you Manifest Your dreams.

Nov 14, 2022

Despite what magnets show you, like attracts like.  Using high frequency words and expressions will help bring you more energy in the way of health, wealth, and love.  In this broadcast, I talk about the frequency of your words with comparisons, how asking for opposites can sabotage your efforts, and how to construct affirmations that work.  Even if you ask for something your conscious mind might not believe.

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Standout Quotes:

  • "There’s a large difference in energy in words that might mean something similar. When you say something is good, you're giving it a B grade. But when you say extraordinary, you're giving it an A plus."
  • "There is a danger of asking for opposites.  When you say, I don't want an addict in my life, you're actually asking to have an addict in your life."
  • "Instead of asking for what you don’t want, you say, I want a happy, successful, or joyous person in my life.  Because of its higher frequency, it has a much higher creation energy with it. "
  • "When you ask for something, ask for the positive.  For example, “angry people are in my rearview mirror, they're part of my past” has a much greater impact than asking for what you don’t want. "
  • "For affirmations to be impactful, they need to be stated in the positive and present tense as if it is already here.  They must be believable and in your mind achievable."
  • "There are few phrases that you can use to help your mind allow a seeming impossible goal to be let through to your subconscious.  Try placing “I am willing” or “it’s now okay” in front of your affirmations and see how they work."