Unlocking Vibrational Healing: Harness the Power of Colors, Sounds, and Energy to Transform Your Life

May 18, 2023

Healing and destructive frequencies of sound, light and emotions show up in your life daily.  Different colors operate on your glands, organs and systems differently.  You can help release the energy that hurts you to allow healing energy to restore your perfect energetic blueprint.  

Learn how to help your body heal with the right frequencies.

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How Vibrations Affect Your Energy Body: A Guide for Empaths and Healers

If you're an empath or a healer, you know how important it is to take care of your energy body. Your energy body is made up of your spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, relational, and financial realms, and vibrations affect all of these areas. In this article, we'll explore how vibrations affect your energy body, how to receive positive vibrations, and what you can do to stay healthy and energetic.

Your Perfect Energetic Blueprint

You are born with a perfect energetic blueprint that has all the information you need to be healthy and energetic. For those who are sensitive and have clairvoyance, you can see this blueprint as a mesh around your body. This blueprint is lean and healthy, and it's important to shift back to this blueprint when it changes.

How Vibrations Affect You

Your interaction with the environment affects your energy body. You receive energy in the form of light, sound, emotions, intentions, and thoughts, and each has a specific frequency. Frequency is directly proportional to energy, and if you double the frequency, you double the energy. It is inversely proportional to wavelength, meaning a very high frequency has very small waves.

For example, pathogens have a very low frequency that lowers your own frequency and shifts you out of your perfect energetic blueprint. Vibrating at the highest frequency possible includes doing your daily energetic hygiene, such as releasing cords, washing bad energy off, getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, taking deep breaths, and expressing gratitude for everything.

The Power of Tones and Colors

Tones and colors operate differently on the body. There are colors associated with each of your energy portals or chakras. However, your body comes with several layers, and each has different colors. Each color means something, and it's important to understand what the colors mean.

For example, red is associated with your liver and gallbladder, where you store anger and rage. A vibrant, bright red means everything is running in a healthy manner, while a muddy red usually indicates rage or anger that needs to be released.


As an empath or healer, taking care of your energy body is essential. Understanding how vibrations affect your energy body and learning how to receive positive vibrations can help you stay healthy and energetic. By doing your daily energetic hygiene and understanding the power of tones and colors, you can stay in tune with your perfect energetic blueprint and achieve optimal health and wellness.

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Standout Quotes:

  • "Pathogens have a very low frequency when they enter your body, they lower your frequency and they shift you out of your perfect healthy energetic blueprint. "
  • "Your body comes with seven energy layers that you can actually feel in the palm of your hand when run y.our hand over your arm."
  • "There are colors that are associated with each of our energy portals or chakras, Red at the bottom or your root and moves through to purple and even white  at the top or crown.  Each color has meaning to your body and subconscious mind."
  • "When your body is healthy, there are certain colors associated with your glands organs and systems.  If your liver is a bright red or green, it usually means healthy.  If it’s dark, brown, gray or black, it lacks energy and needs help."
  • "The left side of your brain is the logical or sequential side of your brain. It's what operates time and numbers helps you understand them.  If it is associated with a happy color like orange, logical thinking may be compromised. "
  •  "When you have a certain amount of rage, organs like the liver and gallbladder where rage is stored, look more like a muddy red color.  This needs to be released for them to reach a healthy state again. "