Opening the flow of energy along your meridians for your well-being

Dec 16, 2022

Your meridians carry the frequency of your emotions and depend on them to free flow through your body. Learn 2 fast and easy methods to unblock them fast so the energy can flow freely up and down them. When this happens, it helps nourish your body, raise your emotional state and mental energy, encourage creativity and productivity.

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Standout Quotes:

  • "Your meridians run your emotional energy. When you unblock them, you have the ability to operate at a much higher frequency."
  • "To unblock your meridians, you can imagine that healing light energy comes through the top of your head to clear out all your channels or meridians."
  • "For accurate muscle testing, run healing light through your arm channels and out your fingers to clear them."
  • "Clear your energy channels or meridians every dayhelps  you stay happy, vibrant and creative."
  • "Every time I clear my meridians, I think  more clearly, I’m more creative, and and I'm happier."
  • "To clear your leg channels, you can bring beautiful earth energy, a warm brown or a vibrant green: start from the bottom of your feet,  then up your legs through your shins, knees, thighs, then hips.   And wash the blocked energy down your grounding cord."