Transforming your food to a higher frequency for a healthier you

Dec 23, 2022

The end of the year meals and parties will have significantly different outcomes depending on your approach to nourishing yourself. Are you teling your cells you cherish life. Or are you telling them you don’t matter? What are you telling your cells?

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Standout Quotes:

  • "Giving thanks to spirit, God, your higher power, for the nourishing food on your plate raises the life force energy, hence the nourishing value of the food on the table."
  • "If you have a cultural food you enjoy but is inherently unhealthy, if it brings joy to you and your family if you serve it.   Raising the level of joy also raises their life force energy. "
  • "When you fix your meals and you are thinking joyful, happy thoughts, the joy is embedded into the food.  It then tastes better. "
  • "When you fix your food with joy and then people eat it, you're eating that high energy.  People can taste the difference."
  • "If you are not taking the time or making the effort to create healthy and nutritious food for yourself, you are telling your cells that you don’t think life is worth living."
  • "When you tell yourself that the meal in front of you, no matter the source, is going to nourish you, you are raising the energy of the food."
  • "Giving thanks raises the energy of the food that you're eating."
  • "When you tell your cells that you are worth the effort, time, and energy, to nourish your body well, the message they receive is that life is worth living. "


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