How telepathy affects you in your relationships

Apr 14, 2023

Non-verbal communication is highly effective.  It is more powerful than your words.  Most studies include facial expressions and tone of voice and imply that 90% of communication are concerned with these elements.  

When you are highly sensitive and empathic, you are probably aware of the ability to sense other people’s feelings and even thoughts.  Their thoughts impinging on yours can be confusing.  You may even think these are your thoughts.  

Learn to distinguish the difference so you know who you are, one of the most important goals as a healer.  You can’t help others when you are confused.  

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"Understanding the Power of Telepathy in Your Relationships"

Discover how telepathy plays a crucial role in your interactions with others. By projecting thoughts and emotions, you engage with people nonverbally, which can have a profound impact on your connections.

Nonverbal Communication in Relationships

In any interaction, you communicate nonverbally through various means, including facial expressions, body language, tone, and even your heart's emotions. Much of your communication is nonverbal, and being aware of this is vital to maintaining healthy connections. It's essential to recognize the emotions you're sending out and how they may affect those around you.

Understanding Telepathy

Telepathy is another form of nonverbal communication that involves projecting thoughts to others. Some people are highly sensitive to this type of interaction, allowing them to perceive and even visualize the thoughts of those around them. Telepathy can be categorized into two types: broadband and narrowband. 

Broadband telepathy occurs when speaking to a large group, projecting thoughts and images to multiple people simultaneously. 

Narrowband telepathy, on the other hand, focuses on one-on-one interactions and thought projection between two individuals.

Navigating Complex Relationships

Telepathy can sometimes lead to confusing or awkward situations. It's essential to recognize the role telepathy may play in your relationships and how your feelings can change when in the presence of others. By understanding this phenomenon and its effects, you can navigate complex relationships more effectively.


In conclusion, being aware of telepathy and its impact on your thoughts and feelings is crucial in understanding your relationships. It's important to ensure that your emotions and thoughts are your own and to acknowledge that telepathy truly exists. Remember that much of your communication is nonverbal, so express your ideas not only with your words but also with your mind. I hope you found this discussion enlightening, and I look forward to connecting with you in our next article!

Standout Quotes: 

  • "The heart is both an organ, one that pumps your blood through your body, but it is also a gland. When you are happy, it secretes two different hormones that make you feel relaxed, lowers your blood pressure and stress levels."
  • "Body language is very important: it can be welcoming and warm.  It gives you a sense of who to trust."
  • "Your heart can emanate anger, jealousy, shame or guilt.  You think you feel the same emotions unless you're keenly aware of this."
  • "If someone is feeling a low energy emotion, to get along, many people will match that energy, making themselves feel as bad as the person upset."
  • "If what you feel about someone is the same when you are in physical proximity as when you aren’t, then the feeling is mutual.  If you experience otherwise, you may be experiencing telepathy with them."
  • "Be aware of the effects of telepathy to make sure that your thoughts and feelings are your own."