Transactions in the form of talks to create awareness for your healing services

Jun 29, 2022

They say it takes seven touches for someone to become aware of you, your services and to feel comfortable to engage with you.  Speaking is one of the best ways for people to get to know you and your brand quickly. Free live training on how to fill your calendar as a healer so you can support yourself and your family, go to: 


All talks are transactions

All transactions when you're selling when you're meeting people, they come in the form of talks, whether you believe it or not. Here are the kinds of talks or speeches that you can give and where you can give them.

Right now if you are watching the video or listening to the podcast I am speaking to you.  You can watch or hear it anywhere. I'm speaking to you about speaking. 

So all transactions start with a talk, whether they're one to one or one to many. The first thing that I want you to understand is that most sales, no matter what kind of sale, whether it's convincing someone to go to the beach with you or to buy a new washing machine, most sales do not happen during the first contact. 

Often many touches needed to create a “sale”

Many marketers will say it takes five to seven contacts so that means that if you have material online for viewing or listening to, let's say you've got videos up on Tik Tok, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, people will go to these various channels and see you giving various talks.  You also have a social media post with a quote in it or you have a social media post talking about your blog, or about any other topic, maybe something inspirational.

These are touches. So somebody says, well, that person has a lot of content and really knows what they're talking about. I'm not talking about doing all those things. What I'm talking about is let's say you're going to networking meetings, which is what I've talked about in the last few broadcasts. Let's say you're going to networking meetings, and you meet people for the first time. That's the first touch. 

They don't know who you are, they don't know what you do. They don't know anything about you personally. But you keep showing up just like when I first started networking. It took me about three to four months of going to various monthly meetings. And then going to some of the events that people invited anybody who wanted to come.  I would just show up at all these places. After a while, people saw me come over and over and over again. And they got to know me and that's when the transactions started happening.

Check for talk limitations when going to events to speak

Another thing is that you have to understand what kind of limitations you have on a talk. For example, certain networking groups have rules. Like you're not supposed to sell at any time. What you're supposed to do is say what it is you do and say it in such a way that it's compelling. 

And some networking meetings give everyone about a half of or a full minute in front of everybody to give a little brief blurb about themselves and then you might get 10 seconds more to report a brief testimonial that you have for someone in the group. You have between 40 and 70seconds.   So you're not really selling at most places, you are networking and spreading the word about your services. 

Now, if you have paid a lot of money to speak to sell, that's a different story. And that is a whole other science. 

The “speeches” here are just touches to help people understand who you are and what you do. The more familiar you are to others because they’ve seen you a number of times, the more likely they are to do business with you.  They will also likely refer to you some of their clients and likewise you can refer some of your clients to them.  This way you cross pollinate or in other words, become referral partners.

You can sell anywhere by speaking to others

And as a business person,  you can sell everywhere: on an airplane in the grocery store line, any kind of meeting doesn't matter where. Let's say you go to a conference that is, for example, a home improvement conference, and you're a healer.   In such conferences, you meet people everywhere.  You start talking to them about their products, and then they  will naturally ask you questions. This is where a lot of people learned that I was a healer

I went to one of these trade shows, and it wasn't about healing at all. But as you meet people and you start conversing with them: this is how you can “sell” them.  You can hand them your card and have continued conversations with them. Make sure you collect their card. 

Your talks can be anywhere.  Here are some places you can speak. 

1.  Quick Talks: the classic elevator, a line at a store, seated on a bus. Memorize your elevator speech and so you can say it often and casually. Don't say it like it's a formal thing. If someone asks, What do you do? And your response could be: do you know or do you suffer or do you know anyone who suffers from migraine headaches? I help people use natural methods to eliminate their migraines. What you’re hoping for is: Oh, that sounds interesting. Tell me more. Right

2.  At many type of networking events, if you pay a small fee, you can speak in front of the attendees for between 10 or 20 minutes.  Some have rules where you cannot sell but you can give away something for free like discovery sessions or free energy readings. You can also offer them a free gift.  When they sign up,  they get on your list. Remember your list is how you stay in contact with them. 

There are many places to attract potential clients and networking partners. 

3.  You can speak at chambers of commerce. You can make your own events by going to various networking meetings and carrying a flier around.  This way, you can  advertise to everybody that you're doing a free or a low-cost event. Make sure you advertise the benefits of this event.

For healers, Unity churches are really great places to speak.  Local centers looking for health speakers on natural methods or mindfulness.  Many health centers where they want to talk about meditation, mindfulness, health practices that are helpful to people, especially people suffering chronic conditions. At most of them, you speak for free. That way you can then become part of the community that you're in, you become the go to person, thus more people will come to you.

Private industry always has a budget for personal development.  

4.  That means you can go to the personnel department of big industries to ask about speaking there.  You need to consider what it is they're interested in hearing. Right now, mindfulness and meditation is very popular because it really helps their employees get along better, be more productive, be calmer, and have fewer illnesses. They take fewer mental health days. Those are really important for companies. 

There are plenty of studies to back up that when people have a “mindfulness and meditation” practice every morning, they have fewer sick days and they have less turnover, meaning that they don't quit as much.  Many companies will give you a few minutes in the morning to do this now when they embrace the program.  It saves them millions of dollars per year, depending on the number of employees.

Companies also want topics like leadership,  a popular topic.  Another topic is keeping people healthy, so they stay on the job and have fewer sick days.  

Companies will also pay you $1500, $2000, or even $2500 to come and speak. When I worked for a company, they had lunchtime talks. Many of the speakers during lunchtime would then offer us a free appointment. When you have that conversation with them, you then decide whether you want the service they have to offer or not.

The nice thing about going to companies and especially speaking with the executives is that they have an income that's a little above average, right? And so they're willing to pay you a modest fee.

And another great place to talk right is online. 

5.  In other words, you can create YouTube videos. YouTube has this awesome service where you can schedule it as a premiere, and then it will show up in your YouTube channel as something that's coming. 

You can also show up live on Facebook Live or Instagram stories. You can go on TicTok:  I haven't done those yet, but I know that they're very popular. 

Another way to do live online speeches is webinars. That's where you already have a following to help you bring in new clients. 

You can do live video broadcasts on LinkedIn and Twitter. So many channels have live video capabilities. 

And one nice thing that you can do once you're able to afford it is to afford a service like Restream or Streamyard where you can set those up to all go at the same time to all those place.  And that way you can do them live or you can do them recorded. 

Next time,  I will talk more about speaking live.  It will include helpful tips,  how to build a small online presence and more. See you next time.

Standout Quotes:

  • "Speaking publicly in a variety of ways creates awareness for your healing services."
  • "If someone asks you, “What do you do?”, have your response prepared so it flows off your tongue casually and easily. " 
  • "All transactions start with a talk whether it’s one to one or one to many. " 
  • "Most sales do not happen on the first contact "
  • "Speeches and talks, online or offline, here are touches to help people understand who you are and what you do."  
  • "When you are hosting an event, make sure you advertise the benefits of it."  
  • "Mindfulness and meditation is a great topic to speak about at companies because these practices help their employees get along better, be more productive, less likely to quit, and have fewer illnesses." 

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