Struggling to Attract New Healing Clients? Listen to This…

Mar 26, 2024

Are you a healer struggling to attract clients? In today’s broadcast, I unveil three critical marketing mistakes that could hinder your healing practice, along with actionable strategies to overcome them. Whether you're an introvert, sensitive to energies, or new to the business world, this guide is tailored for you. Discover how to network effectively without draining your energy, simplify your online presence, and find affordable help to elevate your practice. Tune in to empower your healing journey and turn your passion into a thriving business. Don't forget to subscribe for more insightful content on healing more effectively and growing your practice.

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You’re all set to go. You have your healer training under your belt, you’ve hung your sign outside saying “healer, open for business,” and you wait but get crickets.  You try different ways to market, yet it’s slow, and you are losing hope that you can make a living at doing what you feel you are destined to do: healing others and making a difference in their lives 

If the sound of silence is all you're hearing, it's time to raise the volume on your marketing, but in a way that is aligned with you, a possibly introverted but definitely empathic, sensitive healer. Today, I reveal three common marketing mistakes healers make and what you can do instead without compromising your energy. Stay tuned to hear more.

Please subscribe to my channel after you’ve enjoyed this episode.  Today, I will share how I filled my healing practice even though I’m an extreme introvert and highly sensitive to other people’s energy.  I had no idea how I would attract new clients being this way, despite my best intentions to help and heal. 

While transitioning from professor to entrepreneur, I researched how to start my own business.  I joined a mastermind group, where I met a dynamic woman who had been a successful entrepreneur for over 50 years.  One of the best things she said to me was to stop being a question mark and start being an exclamation point.  Up until then, I was very timid about showing up as a healer because of my 40 years of being a scientist.  

You can block clients entering your practice just by having low-energy emotions and poor opinions about yourself.  You create an energetic barrier around you, stopping them in their tracks.  That is, however, the topic for another podcast.  

Today, I’ll focus on the kind of marketing comfortable for you as a healer.  The in-your-face messaging is old hat; no one wants it. Besides, it just doesn’t work like it used to.  It’s a world with short attention spans looking for something unique and promising.   

I’ll focus on

three issues that prevent healers like you from attracting clients who desperately need your healing touch.

Mistake number 1 is thinking if you build it, they will come (I know, cliché).  Many healers are into what I call "prayer marketing," meaning they request a new client from Spirit, and hope one shows up.  Instead of taking a proactive approach, they wait.  Proactivity doesn't mean you have to be in their face: it just means your message has to be heard or found.  To get started quickly, find a good local small business networking group or healing center to meet new people.  This is the fastest way to bring in new clients. 

I know I said I’m a severe introvert.  But here’s the thing: if you have a plan and your energetic protections in place, you can go to a networking meeting once or twice a month to meet other local entrepreneurs.  Many of them are in the health and healing space and you can find collaboration partners and people with platforms to be able to spread your message.  

Tip: have a 30-second intro you memorized to say when someone asks you about your business.  Better yet, ask them about theirs first. People love to talk about themselves and it takes the heat off you. Even if you are introverted, spending a little time here with a plan can bring new clients and new friendships quickly.

A big mistake for your personal energy is either not having your intentions for going to a meeting or having your messaging straight.  Here are some actions and intentions that worked really well.  

  1.  Meet three new people and offer free short healing sessions so they can sample your offering without risk.  Set the appointment right there with your phone and put their phone number onto your calendar.  At the end of the session, ask them how they are doing and make two offerings.  One is for a single session and another is for a package of 3 or 5 sessions with a discount.  In my second month of doing this, I booked $3000 of business in two weeks.  Five months later, I was earning six figures.
  2. Meet people to invite onto a podcast and interview them.  This is a way to get to know them.  If you don’t have a podcast, start a YouTube channel and use Zoom to create a short interview video.  These are both free.  You can look online for good interview scripts and styles to use.  Publishers of other people’s content get known as the experts as well.  
  3. Bring pamphlets, brochures, business cards, and/or a sign and set up a small table in the meeting.  Often, the group you go to will give you a few feet of table space free.  Greet people that come by and offer a free consultation, reading, or healing.  Set up appointments on your online calendar or use a sign up sheet right there to collect contact information.  

The way I protected my energy at these meetings is I did my protection protocols ahead of time and then reclaimed my energy when I left.  And I gave myself time to recover.  

Mistake number 2 is listening to all the big gurus trying to sell you on their marketing methods.  These might include: writing a bestseller, setting up complex websites with funnels, blogs, podcasts, or fancy youtube channels, which you then advertise on umpteen social media channels.  It’s all too overwhelming.

First, not all social media channels are created equal.  Focus on one way of reaching your audience online.  Learn it.  Learn what to do. Use visual aids or images/video shorts.  You can create them quickly on Canva and send them directly to your one social media channel for free.  

If you don’t have a website, want one, and are intimidated by the tech to get one made nicely, you can use a Facebook professional page, fill it out completely, and put the web address for that on your card.  You have places for making appointments there using your link to book directly onto your calendar (for example, use Calendly, a free a booking app).  You will also include your contact information,your business description, a business phone number (I recommend a Google voice number), and a way to contact you via email.  

As an aside, online marketing is the long game for growing your practice, unless you are using paid advertising.  Local places to speak or meet people are the short game.

Mistake number 3 is not hiring help where you’re overwhelmed.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.  I hired a book cover designer off for $20 and it was beautiful.  Saved me hours of time.  

When you are ready for more, you can consider a virtual assistant through an agency (make sure you try them out first.  I went through a couple before I found mine.) She helps me put up my social media, creates images for me, puts up my blog posts, videos and podcasts.   It saves me not just time, but mental energy that allows me to focus on creating and healing.  


To wrap up, the three mistakes are 1.  Not reaching out in person to meet people that could recommend you or refer you clients, such as networking meetings or healing centers around town.  2.  Making your online efforts too complicated.  Start simple and master one tactic in the beginning before you move to another.  And 3.  Avoiding paying for help to get things you need done quickly.  

In order to receive the kind of energetic protection you need for doing in person outreach, check out my mini, but powerful program called, the 5-Step Healer’s Protection Protocol at

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Next week, I’ll cover the The science behind the quantum field and your physical reality for healing and manifestation, where I’ll explain in simple terms what quantum mechanics brought us in terms of understanding the physical world and how to create or manifest somethings new in your life, whether it’s better health or better circumstances.

Thank you for tuning into Physics Powered Healing.  You’ll find resources and show notes on our website at  Until next time, I'm Dr. Anastasia Chopelas, sending you golden healing light and success vibes on your journey to becoming a powerful, confident healer.  Remember, your healing gifts are so needed in this world.


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