How trauma affects you and first steps to releasing it

Apr 17, 2023

Trauma can show up in your body as a result of physical harm, constant verbal abuse, situations that cause horror in your life.  One of the possible results of trauma is that you keep reliving the pain over and over, keeping your body in the sympathetic nervous state, causing your body and health to break down in the long term.  

Unless it is resolved, often the damaging effects of trauma can go for years and even decades.  It’s important to release it and come back into your body so you can be healthy, happy and enjoy your relationships again.  Discover the first steps to releasing the effects of trauma out of your body.

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"Healing Your Trauma: Simple Steps to Reconnecting Your Body and Mind"

Welcome to this discussion on trauma, its effects on your body, and how to heal from it. In this session, we will explore simple yet effective methods to help you start the healing process.

Understanding Trauma

Trauma can occur suddenly and disrupt your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical aspects of life. It could stem from accidents, injuries, abuse, or stress. Reliving the traumatic experience repeatedly may lead to PTSD, making it harder to heal and leaving you in a constant state of stress.

Effects of Trauma on Your Body

Verbal and emotional abuse can create dark energy in the body, affecting various organs and systems, including the adrenal glands. In some cases, the spirit may disengage from the body, preventing the healing process from starting.

Reintegrating Your Body and Spirit

To begin the healing process, you need to reintegrate your spirit into the body and illuminate the dark areas. A simple exercise to facilitate this involves standing up straight with your shoulders back, opening your heart and taking deep breaths. Visualize light entering and illuminating every part of your body, dispelling the darkness caused by trauma. Consistent practice of this exercise can aid in becoming more receptive to healing energy and releasing old stress and trauma.


Healing from trauma is a gradual process that requires time, patience, and consistency. By engaging in simple exercises, such as deep breathing and body re-engagement, you can start the process of healing your trauma. We hope that this discussion has provided you with helpful insights and practical steps towards a healthier, more resilient you. Join us in the next session for more on this topic.

Standout Quotes :

  • "When you’ve experienced trauma, it keeps reliving itself in your body. It causes a stress reaction, which it tears your body down. "
  • "Verbal abuse is telling your child things like: You will be an unhappy adult, you'll never reach your goals, and you'll never have friends."
  • "Specific areas in the body are nurtured by good relationships.  If you have suffered abuse, you might experience deficits in your paired organs, your sexual organs, and the chakras that feed them."
  • "Glands and organs that are suffering from the trauma you experienced will go dark.  This means that they are not lit up with the energy they need to thrive."
  • "To help get centered, breathe in and use your lower abdomen to help bring the air downwards to bring your energy across your heart.  This helps bring your energy or spirit down into your finger and toes."
  • "Practice taking deep breaths, keeping your spine straight to help the energy flow up and down to bring yourself back into your body so you may fully experience life again."



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