Which Social Media Are Best for Healers

Aug 22, 2022

Not every social media platform works for everyone.  Some appeal to the very young, some more females, some middle age and older.  Knowing the strengths of each allows you to decide which to focus your efforts on and who you will be able to reach and interact with.   I invite you to a free live training and abundance block clearing using the High Paid Healers Protocol for growing your income, go to: https://www.highpaidhealers.com   

Not every social media platform is right for you as a healer. 

The first thing you have to understand is the demographics and the type of people that come online to these sites.  

Some of the social media platforms have been around a long time. And some of them came and went, or aren't as popular as they used to be, like MySpace and Google+. And some of them have grown in popularity, and some of them are now like, flaring up like crazy. 

The whole idea behind social media marketing is to share ideas and posts with people that will then attract them.  When they’re interested, they will follow you and eventually become part of your email list, and, and even eventually buy from you. 

The goal of the social media platform is to keep their viewers on their platform and click on their ads.  The more engaging your content, they higher they rank you.  Listen in to discover more

Standout Quotes:

  • "Your first step to growing your healing practice is to figure out who it is that you're going to serve."
  • "Social media is really how to be social with one another without having to meet people in person." 
  • "The whole idea behind social media marketing is to share ideas and posts with people that will then attract them."  
  • "One of the great features of social media is the ability to have conversations, even  live conversations."  
  • "Each social media platform has its own demographics. Not all of them are great for your healing practice."  

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