How to Answer the Question of What Do You Charge for One Session?

May 27, 2022

When someone asks you, “what do you charge for a single session?”  here’s what to do instead.    Here’s a clear way to field those questions so you can really help your client and they can walk away happy for what you helped them achieve. Free live training on how to become a highly paid healer in 3 months or less, go to:   

Standout Quotes:

  • "My goal is to help you and your clients become successful."
  • "A single healing session isn’t very effective for long term healing. The reason is that is that your energy has been in the habit of going along its current pathways for a very long time. It takes time to shift these."  
  • "Charging the same for a single session and a small series of sessions is the best way to help your client.  They will always opt for the multiple sessions so you can follow up with them and help them overcome their issues."
  • "Offering a maintenance plan can help keep busy people healthy so they don’t end up in dire straits again." 


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In addition, avoid these three mistakes when building your healing business.  

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