Unlock Your Body's Potential for Self-Healing

May 22, 2023

Energy healing can be extremely powerful at bringing your body,including glands, organs and systems to a more youthful state. This includes energetically repairing your DNA, calming your emotions, and using imaginary that your subconscious mind can use to bring your body to a new state. Listen in to discover more about the scientific healing processes used in collular reatunement for bringing your body to a more youthful and healthier state.

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Rejuvenate Your Body from the Inside Out: A Guide to Cellular Re-Attunement

Are you an empathic and highly sensitive person struggling with gland organ or system failures? Do you want to look younger, healthier, and have improved memory? If so, cellular re-attunement may be the answer to your health problems.

The Science Behind Energy Healing

Energy healing may sound woowoo, but all the processes used in programs and courses are based in science. The process of cellular re-attunement involves looking at the DNA and helping to restructure, repair and lengthen the telomeres, which can be done both by energy processes and actions. Thousands of medical miracles have been reported, including tumor shrinkage, whether malignant or not. In one case, a woman who had fibroid tumors in her uterus was able to overcome them and improve the quality of her life by using the cellular re-attunement process.

Master Cell Rejuvenation

The protocol for rejuvenating the cell involves looking at the master cell of a gland organ or system. For example, mitochondria are essential cells in the body that require the most energy. The DNA in the mitochondria differs from the DNA in the nucleus, but both need to be rejuvenated by the processes used in cellular re-attunement.

The Calm State

Being in the calm or parasympathetic state is crucial to the healing process. It means that you are not in fight or flight mode and that your adrenal glands are calm. You can increase the chances of healing by doing things that help you enter a calm state, such as exercising, meditating, or taking deep breaths. The energy healing process can take place more rapidly in a calm state and requires less intervention from a healer.

Embracing the Spiritual, Energetic, Mental, and Physical Processes

The healing process involves embracing spiritual, energetic, mental, and physical processes. We look at the DNA in your body as part of the spirit. The emotions play a big role in creating the parasympathetic state. The mental part involves using imagery to create symbolic pictures that help with the healing process. Lastly, the physical aspect of the process includes nutrition, exercise, and energy healing.


If you are an empathic and highly sensitive person struggling with health problems, cellular re-attunement may be the answer. The process involves energy healing based on scientific principles that can help rejuvenate your cells, glands, organs, and systems from the inside out. By embracing spiritual, energetic, mental, and physical processes, you can create a calm state that allows your body to do the healing.


Standout Quotes:

  • "You can restructure and repair your DNA, including and lengthening the telomeres.  This can occur with either energy processes or specific actions that anyone can do."
  • "Mitochondria which supply energy to your cells vary in number depending on which gland, organ, or system they are in.  These need to be healed separately as they have a completely different DNA sequence than in your cell nuclei."
  • "Your heart can act as both a gland and an organ.  There are cells on the surface of the heart that secrete feel-good hormones that are calming to the body.  It is the antithesis of stress."
  • "When you are calm, instead of afraid, anxious, jealous, angry, or depressed, your adrenal glands go dormant, moving you into the healing or parasympathetic state.  "
  • "Your subconscious mind uses symbols to help you make sense of your relationships and health.  You can energetically restore your health with certain symbolic images, such as your car or home undergoing repair to a more youthful state"
  • "Healing using the energetic repair of your glands and organs stem cells can help bring them to a more youthful, healthy state.  For example, those with asthma might breath better and those with kidney issues may experience functional improvement. "