Retrieving Your Energy from Elsewhere for Mental Clarity and Better Health

Apr 05, 2023

When you go about your day, you leave bits and pieces of yourself everywhere, squandering your energy.  It could be a conversation, listening to a broadcast or program, teaching, healing, engaging with a place or object.  You are leaving your energy behind and picking up foreign energy, diluting your own.  It can even create chaos and your frequency admixes with others.

You can recall it back easily, providing you put a filter between you and the other people and places, to keep you from becoming polluted. Maintaining your energy or keeping your frequency clear of foreign “notes” improves your mental clarity.  


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Protect Your Well-Being: The Importance of Soul Retrieval and Maintaining Clean Energy

In today's fast-paced world, we exchange energy with everything and everyone around us, whether we realize it or not. Every time we have a conversation or engage with someone, we give away some of our energy, and we receive some back. Similarly, everything we focus on, from a simple TV show to a store we visit, receives our energy. This exchange can cause a cacophony of different energies inside us, which doesn't allow us to operate at our pure frequency. This article will focus on how you can recall your energy from everywhere you left it, and the importance of doing so.

Recalling Your Energy: The Basics of Soul Retrieval

The energy exchange can leave you feeling depleted and cause a lot of foreign frequencies that interfere with your natural frequency. The first step to protect yourself is to recall your energy from everywhere you left it, people, places, and things, and remove any foreign energy or excess energy from your body. Recall your energy back to where you left it and put roses everywhere you left energy, which are energy roses that are grounded in your mind.

Maintaining Clean Energy: Daily Energy Hygiene

The second step is to maintain your clean energy. After every conversation or encounter, make sure to give the person their energy back and gather yours back to yourself, and then sever the connection by cutting the cord. It's essential to do this often to keep your energy as clean and strong as possible. You can also practice daily energy hygiene, like taking a salt shower every morning, drinking plenty of fluids, running energy along your meridians, and downloading a wake-up your brain audio, available for free on


Recalling your energy and maintaining clean energy are essential for your overall well-being, mental clarity, and even your relationships and wealth. When you operate at your pure frequency, you'll feel more energized and focused, and you won't have to deal with foreign frequencies interfering with your natural frequency. So, make sure to recall your energy and maintain your clean energy every day, and you'll see a positive impact on your life.

Standout Quotes:

  • "Encounters with others can deplete very quickly by either drawing the energy out of you or emitting a foreign frequency that doesn't match with your own, lowering or changing your frequency."
  • "You can gather the energy you left everywhere back to you to help you feel whole and more alert again. "
  • "People that you may exchange energy with may be someone you know or even someone you met casually. It’s important to collect your energy back and remove theirs."
  • "Energy hygiene consists of your daily energy clearings that you can do yourself or a healing audio. "
  • "Collecting your energy back and removing foreign energy improves your mental clarity, health, relationships and even your wealth."
  • "You can use the energy exchange procedure every time you have an encounter with someone else, giving them back their energy and you collecting yours.  This helps maintain your energy and mental clarity."
  • "Using an energy rose when clearing out or retrieving your energy is that it acts like a filter, allowing only your pure frequency back into you."
  • "Everywhere you go, every thing, place and person that you engage with, physically, mentally or emotionally, you will exchange energy with them/it."


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