3 Steps to Restore Your Aura or Energy Field Quickly for Your Protection

Dec 15, 2022

Try these three steps to restore your aura to its full protective state to keep you clear of other people’s agendas and free of low energy emotions.  It’s important to restore your energy field or aura to full vibrancy to protect you from outside energy that lowers your frequency.  This includes repairing the holes and rips, clearing out the hurtful memories, and putting up a protective layer around your aura.  Try these to see if you feel better around the difficult people in your life.

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Standout Quotes:

  • "When you’re running low frequency emotions consistently, your energy field around you will develop holes and gaps, making you vulnerable to outside energy. "
  • "To repair your energy field holes and gaps, you envision gold healing plaster to spackle up all the holes in your energy field to create protection."
  • "If you keep reliving the traumatic experience in your mind, the emotional pain and damage keeps happening repeatedly. "
  • "What helps against whatever emotional, mental, or even physical attack, repair your amazing protective energy field around you. "
  • "Contracting your energy field around toxic people really helps in your interaction with them."
  • "If you’ve contracted your field for protection, don't forget to expand it out again. The more expanded your field, the more energy you'll hold."

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