Transforming Your Spiritual DNA from Poverty to Wealth Mindset

Oct 02, 2022

Your spiritual DNA, the information has accumulated over the journey your soul has taken, can be reprogrammed from poverty, rage or jealousy to wealth and joy. You can do this via becoming hyperobservant of your behavior, using meditation and journaling to help correct it.  That’s that long term route.  The short term route is via an energy healing of your spiritual DNA.  Sometimes, shifts happen in an instance.  It’s also important to remember there are a couple of dozen money blocks to consider.  I invite you to a free live training and wealth block clearing using the High Paid Healers Protocol to bringing in more income, go to:   

Standout Quotes:

  • "Your infinite soul has traversed many incarnations. You are a being of light, and energy."
  • "People that are helpers help others because of the love of it rather than the earning of a lot of money. However, the right amount of income can transform your barely surviving into ease and enjoyment." 
  • "Because of the nature of the quantum field, your past life is running concurrently with your current life plus all your future lives."
  • "Your spiritual self is on this learning path while incarnated for experiences that are not possible as a spirit." 
  • "Once you heal yourself from an issue, you can clean it off of your timeline so it no longer affects your behavior." 
  • "Replacing the energetic echo of a poverty issue from a past life with Divine Golden healing brings about abundance or a positive money mindset."

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In addition, avoid these three mistakes when building your healing business.  

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