Healthy Cording for Your Health, Wealth, and Longevity

Nov 18, 2022

Your relationships are the number one factor in your health, wealth, and longevity, says 80 years of research at top universities.  People in any relationship cord to one another in some way, most of them in an unhealthy way, causing you trouble.  Only one cord is healthy and indestructible, the balance can be released easily.  Find out how cords are formed, where you can be corded and what that means for you in your relationships.  

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Standout Quotes:

  • "Research at top universities over the last 80 years has shown that relationships are your number one factor for longevity, for health, for happiness, and for wealth." 
  • "There is an unbreakable cord between humans, and that is from your to their heart. It’s unconditional love."
  • "Humans are designed to interact.  No matter how hard you try to release your cords to others, and even live as a hermit, your heart to heart cords are permanent and indestructible."
  • "If someone cords to your root, they are asking you to take care of them. They are wanting to draw on your abundant energy because they don't think they have their own.  This is unhealthy for both you and them." 
  • "If someone cords to your throat, they're asking you to tell them what to do. Or say you love them. They want to control what you say."
  • "Releasing your unhealthy cords allows you to recover and regain your strength. It allows your relationships to be healthier." 

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