Energetic Resolution of Karma Transforms You and Your Relationships

Apr 07, 2023

Many people operate under the mistaken belief that Karma keeps you trapped in unpleasant situations, that it is retribution for your misdeeds.  Kind of like Hell.  But it is not.  Like Hell, Karma is voluntary.  It is a constellation that you agreed to before you incarnated to learn certain lessons.  

The question is what do you do to release that Karma and move forward instead of feeling stuck in a hopeless situation.  

You can energetically complete it and release it into the Earth to allow it to transform the energy into something new.  It has had a profound effect on many people that have received this healing.

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How to Release Your Karma: A Guide to Transformative Energy

Are you feeling weighed down by past relationships and toxic interactions with others? Are you struggling to move forward with ease and grace? If so, it may be time to take a closer look at your karma and release the negative energy that is holding you back. In this guide, we'll explore the true nature of karma and how you can release it quickly and easily.

Understanding Karma: It's Voluntary and Energetic

Contrary to popular belief, karma is not simply a system of retribution for past wrongs. Rather, it is a voluntary energetic agreement between you and other people in your life, based on past or present interactions. The rules of engagement that come with karma can sometimes be toxic, but it's important to recognize that it is completely voluntary and can be opted out of at any time.

Recognizing and Releasing Your Karmic Relationships

One of the most important steps in releasing your karma is recognizing the relationships in your life that are causing harm. Whether it's a toxic parent, former partner, or business associate, completing the karmic circle with that person is the key to moving forward with ease and grace. By energetically completing the karma and releasing it into the earth, you can transform your past and current relationships and begin living the life you want.

Transformative Energy Exercises to Release Karma

To help release your karma, there are several transformative energy exercises you can try. One popular method is to imagine the person with whom you have karmic ties sitting near you, and completing the karmic circle symbolically. This can be done through journaling, visualization, or guided meditations. You may also benefit from trying a karmic clearing exercise, which is designed to help you release the negative energy that is weighing you down.


Releasing your karma is a powerful way to transform your life and move forward with ease and grace. By recognizing the karmic relationships in your life and completing the karmic circle, you can release negative energy and embrace a brighter future. Whether you're struggling with past relationships or simply want to improve your current ones, releasing your karma is a key step on the path to personal growth and healing.

Standout Quotes:

  • "Completing Karma happens when you have learned the lesson you set out for yourself. "
  • "Karma is something that a lot of people think is some sort of retribution, you did something horrible to somebody. It’s not correct."
  • "Often, completing a Karmic lesson is painful but you are much stronger because of it. "
  • "When you come onto this planet, when you're born, you agree to live out some sort of constellation with a group of people.  This is where Karma starts. "
  • "Fastest way to release your old Karma is to energetically complete the Karma.  It’s as if you've done all of the steps necessary to complete the lesson with that person."
  • "When you physically or energetically complete old Karma, you change how you relate to the other person, as if by magic."