How Your Emotions Get Triggered and How to Release Them FAST

Nov 17, 2022

Your relationship with money has everything to do with the way you were raised and your emotional reaction to it.  It results in several unhealthy behaviors to money or a combination of them that will keep you stuck rather than moving forward.  For example, you might be a money hoarder, never being able to enjoy what money is to be used for but instead enjoying an increasing bank account level.  Discover what the other unhealthy money behavior you might associate with and what to do about them.

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Standout Quotes:

  • "Your emotions, whether pleasant or not, are all there for a purpose. Anger, for example, lets you know your boundaries have been crossed."
  • "It’s not possible to go through life without getting angry. Suppressing it keeps it inside you.  Recognizing why you’re angry allows you to release it quickly." 
  • "The source of an undesirable buried emotion may be from a previous lifetime and didn’t release it.  You can now." 
  • "A first step to releasing a buried emotion that might trigger you is to connect or ground yourself to the earth." 
  • "Release your buried emotions quickly.  First, go outside, ground yourself, then take a deep breath. Breathe in light and as you breathe out, breathe out your dark emotions."
  • "A buried emotion makes itself known by your overreaction to a seemingly innocuous event.  Like getting very hurt or angry over an offhand comment." 
  • "Buried emotions mainly come from this lifetime.  However, you may have inherited them from your family or your previous lifetime." 


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