Raising Your Frequency with the Science of Emotions

Feb 06, 2023

As a sensitive or empathic person, you can absorb the emotions of others easily.  Understanding how your body communicates with your emotions and vice versa is helpful for raising your mood and your frequency easily and quickly.  LIsten in for the 3 tips (plus a bonus) for helping you fend off the low energy emotions of others and even your own.

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Standout Quotes: 

  • "All your emotions have an energy or a frequency."
  •  "When you're feeling in shame and guilt, your energy field is contracted, you’re feeling very small.  You are vibrating at a low frequency. "
  • "Research has shown that your heart radiates emotions. And as it radiates, the emotions that are happy and joyful causes your heart to emit at a higher frequency?"
  • "If you are a sensitive person, then you might feel all warm and cozy like somebody is giving you a hug when someone around you is happy."
  • "If you are a sensitive person, when someone around you is feeling angry or upset, it might feel like your skin is prickling, even feeling like itching powder. "
  • " Your body posture/facial expressions and your emotional state are in constant communication.   You can shift your state by changing your posture. "
  • "Motion changes your emotional state. It's difficult to stay depressed while in motion. "
  • "If you have a food sensitivity or an allergy, it can drive your energy or frequency down, causing you to feel depressed."