What Is Your Personal Frequency and Why Does it Matter?

Jan 24, 2022

You can control every aspect of your well-being and health by influencing your frequency. Measurements have shown that people with higher frequencies are more creative, active and vibrant, while those with lower frequencies suffer health, emotional issues, and don’t have enough energy to do the things they love.  Free live training: https://www.highpaidhealers.com 

Find out exactly what I mean by your frequency and what it means for you.


Activities to Avoid to Keep Your Personal Frequency at Its Peak

Introduction: Unveiling the Path to Elevated Energy

In this transformative article, we delve into the activities that you must steer clear of in order to maintain your personal frequency at its peak. Drawing from the wisdom of countless compassionate healers and my own 30-year healing journey, we uncover the keys to enhancing your well-being and uplifting the world around you. Together, we will empower ourselves to overcome the challenges that hinder our progress and unlock the boundless potential within.

Shunning the Shackles: Liberating Your Frequency

  1. Avoiding Violent Movies and Music: Nurturing Your Sensitivity

Bid farewell to the gripping tales of crime and the heart-wrenching melodies that fill your screens and sound systems. Delicate souls like ours thrive when shielded from the negativity and pain that these portray. Embrace your sensitivity and protect your energy by indulging in uplifting and harmonious artistic expressions instead.

  1. Escaping the Confines of Indoors: Embracing Nature's Embrace

Though the biting cold may confine some, do not let it hold you captive for long. Seek solace in the arms of nature as soon as the warmth of the sun allows. Breathe in the rejuvenating air and set your bare feet upon the earth. Let the soothing embrace of grass, gravel, or the shore invigorate your spirit. Step away from artificial light and toxic fumes, for it is in the natural world that your frequency finds respite and restoration.

  1. Abstaining from Harmful Substances: Nurturing Your Sacred Temple

Take a stand against the allure of smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. These vices not only corrode your physical health but also weigh down your energetic vibration. Be discerning with the medications you consume, opting for natural and harmonious remedies whenever possible. Remember, your body is a sacred temple, and by treating it with reverence, you elevate your frequency and open the gates to profound healing.

  1. Declining the Call of Overstimulation: Embracing Balance

As your adrenal glands dance to the rhythm of your life, resist the temptation to overstimulate them with excessive coffee, energy drinks, or cacao powder. Let tranquility be your guide and keep these artificial surges of energy at bay. Instead, honor your body with nourishing choices that support a calm and focused state of being.

  1. Forsaking the Junk: Honoring Your Body's Vitality

Aim higher than a diet composed solely of processed, lifeless food. Recognize that what you consume directly influences your frequency. Opt for organic, nutrient-rich sustenance that nourishes not just your body but also your soul. Embrace the vibrant energy of fresh, whole foods and allow their life force to uplift and sustain you.

  1. Shattering the Chains of Sleep Deprivation: Embracing Restorative Slumber

Refuse to succumb to the modern epidemic of sleep deprivation. Prioritize the sacred act of rest and rejuvenation, gifting yourself the essential deep sleep that precedes midnight. Replenish your mind, body, and spirit with this invaluable gift, knowing that within its depths lies the power to ignite clarity, inspiration, and vibrant well-being.

  1. Defying the Sedentary Trap: Honoring Your Physical Vitality

Break free from the chains of inactivity and embrace the joy of movement. Engage in regular exercise that suits your body's needs and abilities. Whether it's a leisurely stroll amidst nature's embrace or an invigorating workout, let your muscles come alive, your brain thrive, and your spirit soar. Remember, movement is the key that unlocks the door to longevity and mental clarity.

  1. Liberating Your Soul from Toxic Environments: Choosing Empowering Connections

Reclaim your personal power by releasing yourself from toxic environments and relationships that drain your energy. Surround yourself with individuals who inspire and uplift you, creating a supportive and nurturing space to thrive. Cultivate strong boundaries and learn to manage or limit contact with those who do not honor your well-being. In doing so, you invite positive vibrations into your life, propelling your frequency to new heights.

  1. Transmuting the Shadows of Emotion: Embracing Empowered Living

Break the chains that bind you to anger, disappointment, guilt, shame, jealousy, sorrow, and grief. Emotions are meant to be experienced, processed, and released, not dwelled upon indefinitely. Use anger as a catalyst for asserting your boundaries, disappointment as fuel for growth, and guilt as an opportunity for self-reflection. Let love, gratitude, and forgiveness permeate your being, raising your frequency to a place of empowered living.

Conclusion: Embrace the Path to Vibrant Living

As you embark on this journey of self-discovery and frequency elevation, remember that your energy is a precious resource. By avoiding the activities that drain your vitality and embracing those that nourish your soul, you unlock the gateway to boundless potential and radiant well-being. Embrace the choices that uplift your frequency, inspire those around you, and create a ripple of positive change in our world. Step into your power and let your personal frequency soar to new heights, for the transformation starts within.

Standout Quotes for Understanding Your Frequency:

  • When any of us healers look at how cancer looks in the body, it looks like an energy suck. It's dark inside. It's like somebody turned the light bulb off and that is reflected in that energy field around the body.
  • There is a lag time between when you get introduced to a pathogen compared to when you manifest the illness. So cancer takes a long time for it to gestate in the body. So if you are doing all the things you can to raise your frequency, it doesn't ever get a chance to manifest, and you can even get what's there to shrink away.
  • Your frequency is basically measuring the sum total of everything that's going on in you. If you were to measure a glowing ember, you would see that there would be a range of frequencies. But it would peak out at one place that's called blackbody radiation. And the peaking frequency is the "characteristic frequency" or temperature. You can influence that characteristic frequency positively when you can go into mindfulness and meditation, and do some energy hygiene to release all the stuff that is lowering your frequency.

Key Takeaways from Knowing Your Personal Frequency or Energy:

  • For many healers, cancer, disease and trauma in the body looks very dark. It draws down the energy of the body, which is reflected in the energy field around the body. Your field shrinks and dims.
  • Being introduced to a virus gives you enough time before you manifest the illness itself: If you are doing activities that raise your frequency, then you can certainly decrease the chance of manifesting the illness.
  • You can measure your characteristic frequency, then releasing the programs and issues that are lowering your frequency. You can practice activities that will help you raise your frequency by those points, including mindfulness, meditation, and good health habits.

Episode Timeline for Understanding What Your Frequency Means to You:

  • [01:24] What is Frequency and why does it matter?
  • [02:53] Range of Frequencies that Human Vibrate
  • [04:47] How Organic foods raise our Vibrations and Frequency
  • [06:46] Measuring of Bioelectric Fields
  • [09:00] Raising your Frequency while Living your Purpose
  • [10:28] Doing Energy Hygiene and Getting into Mindfulness and Meditation
  • [13:38] The Benefit of Raising your Frequencies

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