How to raise your life force to extend your lifespan

Dec 20, 2022

Learn about your life force and how to raise it quickly. Your life force tells you how well attached your spirit is to your body. A high life force leads to longer life, more vitality, creativity, and energy. Certain events in your life can drop your life force fast and hard. Discover what those are and how to recover from them.

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Standout Quotes:

  • "A single event can lower your life force drastically.  Take steps to raise it again."
  • "If you take steps to raise your life force, then you will tend to be healthier, your brain will be more active, more creative, and you'll be more capable than others in your age category. " 
  • "When you tend to work with your brain a lot, you will pull your spirit up out of your body, becoming uncentered."
  • "Get centered by pulling your spirit down into your body."
  •  "If you’ve suffered a trauma that lowers your life force, a self-validation exercise will help lighten your spirit. The trauma in your body will dissipate quickly."
  • "If any trauma you’ve experienced has a memory that is extremely painful, remembering it is like reliving it.  Putting this memory into your Akashic record eases the emotional response."
  • "If you are suffering pain from the passing of one or both of your parents, remember that they gave birth to us to thrive and be happy."