Manifesting Wealth Using the Quantum Field

Nov 04, 2022

The quantum field is not what you think, you are already here, you don’t have to reach it.  It’s really you that defines how it serves you by influencing it to manifest what you desire.  Listen in to discover how to do that.  I invite you to a free live healing and training using the 3-step High Paid Healers Protocol to bringing in more income, go to:   

Standout Quotes:

  • "There are physical experiments that have shown that your thoughts can change the results of these experiments."
  • "The mistake that most people make when manifesting wealth is they don't define exactly what it is they want to create."  
  • "Your thoughts can change the results of a seemingly obvious experiment.  The observer ends up as part of the experiment."  
  • "You don’t need to reach the quantum field, you are already in it." 
  • "The quantum field is made of vibrations that define everything around you, including you.  You have free will.  You can change things." 
  • "Create the reality by creating the vibration of what you want and watch the magic happen." 
  • "When you are creating something new, write it out in detail.  This is how you set the creation of it in motion for it to become part of your new reality."