The Science Behind the Quantum Field and Your Physical Reality for Healing and Manifestation

Apr 03, 2024

Unlock the transformative power of the quantum field in this eye-opening podcast. Dr. Anastasia Chopelas demystifies the scientific and spiritual aspects of quantum physics to reveal its profound impact on healing and manifestation. From personal stories of miraculous recoveries to in-depth explorations of quantum mechanics, learn how the quantum field shapes our reality and how we can tap into its infinite potential. Whether you're a healer seeking to enhance your practice or simply curious about the intersection of science and spirituality, this episode offers valuable insights and practical advice for leveraging the quantum field in your life. Join us to discover how to manifest health, abundance, and more, as we dive into the science behind the unseen forces that influence our physical world.

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Ever wondered why some people seem to recover from illnesses against all odds or manifest their deepest desires seemingly out of thin air? I did.  What if the answer lay not within the visible spectrum of our physical reality but somewhere much more profound—a place where science and spirituality converge? Welcome to today's episode, where we unravel the mysteries of the quantum field and its transformative power in our physical reality. Stay tuned to hear more.

All my life I knew that there was something beyond us.  I decided at age 7 to become a scientist.  As I became an adult, I focused my studies into vibrations of matter and quantum physics.  The connection between science and that which is beyond the physical, hit home when I was standing beside a hospital bed, looking down at a family friend, George, trapped in a coma after a severe accident. 

Doctors had given up hope, but deep down, I knew there was more to life than what meets the eye. My journey into energy healing wasn't straightforward; as a former physics professor, I straddled the worlds of quantum mechanics and healing energies, always searching for that bridge between the two. That day, as I extended my hands towards George, I felt an invisible connection, that force beyond the physical, weaving through every atom and particle—a manifestation of the quantum field at work. I could hear him in my head and my work on him brought him back.

Let me introduce you to the Quantum Field.

It is an invisible ocean of energy that forms the building blocks of our universe. Unlike anything we encounter in our daily lives, it consists of vibrations and waves, constantly influencing the material world. It's where particles pop into and out of existence, shaping the very fabric of our reality.

When I studied quantum physics in graduate school, it was a flood of mathematical equations that seemed disconnected from what was observable in the physical world.  It wasn’t until I was able to see for myself some of the weirdness of reality in the lab, that allowed me to understand that there’s more to us than meets the eye.  

For example, electrons are particles.  We can create a stream of them and shoot them at whatever we like.  Old televisions used this technology to create moving images on a phosphor screen.  If you shoot electrons through a pair of slits, however, they produce a diffraction pattern onto the screen, something only expected of light or sound waves.  I demonstrated this for my physics class when I was at UW.  

This is a short introduction to more of the weirdness of reality.

Quantum Jumping - The Ultimate Transformation: 

Within the quantum realm, particles undergo 'quantum jumps,' moving from one state to another instantaneously without an observable path or trajectory. It's like flipping a switch and finding yourself in an entirely different room without walking through the door. This property is mirrored in healing, where profound shifts in health can occur in the blink of an eye, defying conventional explanations.  

I see it every day in my healing practice, where someone transforms from having a severe migraine to pain free in an instant.  Or when an autistic child, who had been previously monosyllabic, starts responding in not just sentences but paragraphs.  This is all done sometimes while I’m miles away and even not speaking to them. This brings us to another property, that of quantum entanglement, connectivity on a cosmic scale.

Quantum Entanglement - Connectivity on a Cosmic Scale: 

This is described as particles once connected remain linked over vast distances. What does this mean for us? It suggests our connection to each other, to the planet, and indeed, the universe isn't just physical—it's quantum.  In those equations I mentioned earlier, the complete solutions require to them requires a  consideration of the distances between particles from 0 (meaning in contact with one another) to infinity.  This suggests that we are all connected.

In healing, this reinforces the power of distant healing, bridging gaps that physical distance can't diminish.  In some interesting remote viewing experiments conducted by the government decades ago, average people could “see” what was in a given location 65 to 70% of the time. While people practiced, like skilled police detectives, could “see” it 95% of the time.   We all have these skills, some of us are more practiced and/or have quieter insides than others.  

This brings us to the last point, that of how and why manifestation of your desires works.  

Remember that odd 2 slit experiment with electrons?  When the researchers that first discovered this tried to determine which slit the electron went through by putting  a detector on one of the slits, the electrons started behaving as particles instead of waves.  The very measurement in this experiment altered the results.  It’s like putting a warm thermometer into a cup of cold water to measure its temperature.  You change the temperature of the water so it’s inaccurate.

Back to the quantum field.  It’s made of vibrations and waves.  Waves interact with one another, which is called interference, and the resulting waves are changed in amplitude and frequency.  

This is how the quantum field responds to your emotions, your thoughts, and your intentions, all of which have frequency. By aligning your energy with the energy of what you wish to manifest, you can bring into your reality what was once considered impossible. Healing, abundance, love—it's all within your grasp once you understand you are always communicating with the quantum field.


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