Tips for Protecting Yourself from Environmental Energy

Jan 24, 2023

Sensitive people can be easily affected by the environmental energy around them.  While, it is easy to control your energy in your home or office, if you go to hotels, other people’s homes, meeting rooms or other locations, it is more difficult to feel good in these places. Listen in to hear several methods that are easy to use and portable.  

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Standout Quotes: 

  • "Hotel and conference rooms absorb the toxic energy of others and reflect it back onto you when you go in.  This is why you need to protect yourself from it." 
  • "Clapping around the room can help dissipate toxic energy much like clapping after the end of an intense show or musical performance. "
  • "Praying in a room has raises the frequency of the space. "
  • "When you go to a hotel, you can use aura spray on the bed, chairs, or use a cushion everywhere you sit to protect your energy."
  • "In public places, the energy of the people that have been there before you gets left behind.  You may be sensitive to them."