Protect Your Energy: The Empath's Survival Guide Around Energy Draining People

Jul 09, 2024

Are you feeling drained after interacting with certain people or environments? If you're an empath, highly sensitive person, or healer, you’ve likely encountered situations where you needed to protect your energy. In this video, discover simple yet powerful techniques to protect your energy and stay balanced no matter what comes your way. I'll share personal experiences and effective methods to safeguard your energetic field. Whether it's through aura control, energy barriers, or using protective minerals, these tips will help you maintain your well-being in any environment. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and share your experiences in the comments!

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Are you feeling drained after interacting with certain people or environments?  If you are an empath, highly sensitive person, or healer, you most likely have encountered situations that you had to avoid for your own well-being.  You may have walked into a room with others and felt like all your energy got sucked out of you, so much so that you couldn’t move forward?  Discover simple yet powerful techniques to protect your energy and stay balanced no matter what comes your way.

Why you might need protection:

Years ago, I went to a conference full of desperate needy people that wanted to earn more money but didn’t know their way through.  Worse yet, they didn’t have the money to invest in the program being presented at the conference.  It was fascinating from an energetic perspective.  It demonstrated exactly why if you are energetically sensitive you need to protect yourself.  Anyone needy will try to pull in all the energy they can find.

I went there with a group and one of my former coaches. I was sharing a hotel room with another highly sensitive person: after the first day of the conference, we were waiting in front of the elevator to take us up to our room.  We looked at each other like we didn’t even have the energy to go up the elevator.  I then did a process that I’m going to share with you today.  After I did, she looked shocked, wow, what was that?  We both perked up immediately, enough so that we went to the gym that evening before retiring for the night.  

As an introduction to this topic, you can either protect yourself ahead of time or clean up the problem afterward.  Sometimes the preparation for going to a room of people, especially needy ones, isn’t enough.  So, let’s get to the topic. 

First, Let’s Cover the topic of Energetic Fields also Called Auras:

Every living being has an energetic field that can interact with the fields of others. These interactions can either enhance or deplete your energy. The concept of an energetic field was studied nearly a century ago by Dr. H.S. Burr, a traditional medical doctor, with crude instruments by today’s standards.  He showed how these fields are consistent from the embryonic stage through adulthood.  Embryos have fields the size of the future adult, which doesn’t make sense from the traditional physics concepts.  It should be marginally larger than the embryo and have a similar shape. The field is the energetic blueprint that life grows into.   

When an animal was exposed to a pathogen in these studies, the field showed the effect of the pathogen immediately but often illness didn’t occur until much later if at all.   This is good news because you don’t necessarily have to get sick if exposed, you have time to correct the problem energetically.  

More good news. You can control your field.  You can expand or contract it by imagining it growing or shrinking, which is easy to verify by measurements.  It’s a bit like breathing, you expand your lungs thus taking up more space and you can also release the air to shrink back down again. 

You can also clean your field, straighten it out, and put a protective shell around it.  These are some of the tips for helping to protect you in uncomfortable situations.

Protecting yourself in crowds:

As I just mentioned, you can expand and contract your aura or energy field. 

The normal extent of your aura is about out to your arm span. 

1. You can expand and contract by intent or certain physical movements that represent expansion and contraction.  For example, this works really well with breath.  To expand your field, imagine it expanding when you take a deep breath using your diaphragm to bring in the maximal volume of air.  Imagine the field filling a room.  When you exhale, it will shrink slightly but not all the way down.  Next inhalation, imagine it growing largely the reason you might want to do this is to allow your field to contain more energy (more room), which can also translate into better health and more wealth. 

2. Contraction is a powerful way to protect yourself when moving through crowds.  If you are within 6 feet of another person, you will be in each other’s fields exchanging information, emotions, and energy.  If you contract it to ½ its diameter, you are now ā…› your original volume.  Your chances of being in each other’s fields decrease significantly.  A simple way to contract before going out into the world from your home or sanctuary is to just say to yourself pull into to 18 inches around your body.  If you are very sensitive, you may feel your arms tingle, after all, you have an 8x energy density increase from this move.  My arms do every time.  Once you’re back home, be sure to relax back to a normal extent again.  

Creating an energy barrier around you is another way to protect yourself from other people’s toxic energy

3. Your energy field can develop cracks and holes allowing foreign energy to invade too easily.    You can repair the cracks by first combing out the edges of your field.  Then you imagine you have some golden spackle and a golden spatula to seal up the field edges.  You can further reinforce it by putting a blue color to act as a filter on the edges.  You can look this up, Italian blue (which is a blue-green color).  The way this color works with light is that it stops the low-frequency light and only allows the high-frequency light through.  It’s like a cloak of invisibility for evil or low-vibe energy.  You can even imagine it as a plexiglass or mirrored shell.  I used this method on a highly sensitive young child who was affected by entities and other negative energy.   As soon as I put this energetic shield on him, he stopped being bothered by foreign energy.

Methods for Clearing a Contaminated Field or Aura

4. There are a couple of ways to clear foreign energy out of your field.  Many people use grounding but there are more effective methods for clearing things up.  Two methods that work really well include using an imaginary golden vacuum to pull out energy that doesn’t belong to you.  The reason why this works is because visualization is just as powerful as an actual event.  For example, a runner imagining his race ahead of time multiple times has resulted in better times and race results than if he or she didn’t think ahead about it.  That your visualization is highly effective is when I ask you to think about lemons, more likely than not, your mouth is watering.  

Another healer uses a golden Roomba or automatic vacuum to start at the top of your aura and go around and around gathering up your foreign energy.  When the vacuum gets full, let it drop down your grounding cord.  It’s a fun image and it works really well.  

The second method for cleaning up your aura is using a magnet rose, it can be pink or white.  Pluck an energy rose out of the air and pull it around the edges of your aura (in your mind's eye).  When it fills up, drop it down your grounding cord and pull another one out of the air. 

The next step for protecting yourself from needy and desperate people.   

At that conference with my friend, what I did to clear us of the foreign energy: first, I cleaned up our auras by combing them out, then used a magnet rose to pull out the foreign energy.  Then to stop the energy exchange between us and them, I used another symbolic process known as cutting cords.  Cords are coming into your energy centers from them to you.  I chopped down three times in the front, pulled all the cords forward, and chopped down three times holding the cords with my left hand.  As I was chopping, I was imagining the cords to drop down my grounding cord.  

Cords are voluntary.  Once you cut them, they automatically fall off the other people.  You stop them from drawing your energy.  

You can also do this when you are in an uncomfortable conversation with someone and it is draining your energy, you can also cut cords here. You can do this subtly right in front of your solar plexus to allow you to stop the flow of negative energy.  

There is one last very easy step to take to protect your energy. 

This doesn’t require any energy-healing methods.  They are easy.  The first is to clean and the other is to protect.

The first is using aura sprays.   Their effective ingredient is one or more essential oils.  They vibrate at a very high frequency and can help remove the low vibe energy in your field quickly.

You can find recipes online using essential oils and put them in a spray bottle.  You can also buy some commercial formulas online.  You’ll find links to these at   When you are feeling depleted or contaminated, spray your field with the aura spray and it will eliminate the foreign energy fast.  

You can protect yourself using minerals.  Many minerals are protective, such as black tourmaline, rose quartz, selenite, and labradorite.  Make sure they are clean and free of foreign energy before you use them for yourself.  You can put one of these in your pocket or wear jewelry made of them.  You can also place them in strategic places around your environment.  

Which protection technique will you try first?  Then start incorporating more of these energy protection techniques into your daily routine. Notice how they make you feel and share your experiences with me. After you enjoy this episode, share it with someone who could benefit, and leave a review to help promote this channel. Your support means the world to me.

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Next time, we’ll dive into the fascinating concept of colors for healing.  Energy colors are effective for different purposes.  Learn what these are and how to use them.  Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it.