3 Tips for Protecting Yourself from the Low Energy Emotions of Others

Jan 24, 2023

 Sensitive people can absorb the low energy emotions from others, which can affect you long after you’ve left their presence.  Use these three tips to keep those emotions from entering your body and disrupting your energy or frequency.  This is the first of two strategies to help keep you and your relationships healthy.

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Standout Quotes:

  • "When you're sensitive, you'll harbor low energy emotions you’ve absorbed from others long past the time you have left their presence.  Protection for you is important to stay healthy and happy. "
  • "You can protect yourself from the energy of others by a process I call zipping, where you symbolically seal your energy field from foreign energies."
  • "When you raise your frequency by clearing off low energy emotions, you have more energy, which means more money, more love, more wealth, more happiness, and more health."
  • "Healthy relationships equals wealthy people, it's directly related."
  • "You can protect yourself from other people’s emotions in their presence, cut your energetic connection cords in front of your solar plexus."
  • "Make sure that your energy field is intact,then color it either blue or make it like a mirror so it reflects all that poopy energy away from you. "
  • "Pull your energy field in tight to protect yourself while around others. "