Staying High Vibe with Difficult Relationships Through the Holidays

Nov 23, 2022

Holidays bring all personalities together and no family is without some clash or another. Being able to enjoy the holidays together will help you create great memories and experiences with some of the most important people in your life. These relationships are key for developing nurturing and high vibe bonds with others. Discover four simple tips to navigate the years of history and hurt you might have experienced.

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Standout Quotes:

  • "Relationships are the number one factor in your longevity, your happiness, your health, and even your wealth. That’s why maintaining or healing your relationships is so important."
  • "If you get very hurt by what someone else says very easily, it may be the cumulative effect of past events.  It’s time to release that energy."
  • "Some cultures don’t allow for praising children.  For example, my Mom’s Greek way was to not praise her child: they might get too big of an ego.  This creates more vulnerability than less."
  • "When a person really loves you but hurts you repeatedly, know they're loving you the best way they know how. "
  • "When you have a relative that hurts you by their comments, you can’t change them but how you hear it."
  • "When a conversation is not going the way you want, you can use cord cutting to release the energy connection between you.  It helps release the stressed energy between you."
  • "To help protect you from others, you can fortify your energy field edges but sealing it up, front, back, top and bottom, to prevent an unwanted energy draining cord." 
  • "Often, an unpleasant or hurtful conversation includes the other sending a line of energy to you to draw your energy off of you.  It’s a subconscious act, not one that’s purposely done.  You can still protect yourself from it. "


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