Protecting Your Energy Field or Aura from Toxic Relationship Energy

Mar 31, 2023

In close quarters with other people, you can exchange energy with them without cording to them.  It is through your energy field or aura in proximity to theirs.  When they overlap, you can exchange energy with them easily and walking through crowds can cause you to feel weak, tired and drained if you don’t know what to do to clear and release that toxic people energy.

There are two strategies for keeping your energy field or aura clear.  The first is to fortify it and protect it from invasive foreign energy and the second is to clear out any contamination of toxic or discordant energy from others.  Listen in to see how simple each of these strategies are.  It is harder to remember to do them than to actually do them.  Try it next time you are around a person with toxic energy to see how much better you feel afterwards. 

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Protecting and Cleansing Your Energy Field: How It Affects Your Well-Being and Happiness

Protecting and Cleansing Your Energy Field: How It Affects Your Well-Being and Happiness

When it comes to your health, wealth, and overall well-being, relationships are the most significant factor. Your energy field is the aura that surrounds you, and it is something that you have full control over. However, most people aren't aware of it. When you're near someone else's energy field, you're exchanging energy with them. This exchange can have a positive or negative impact on you, depending on the other person's energy.

Pull Your Energy Field or Aura In Towards You

To protect yourself from the negative effects of other people's energy fields, the first step is to pull yourself into 18 inches and increase your energy density. This helps you avoid bumping into other people's energy fields. Some people expand their energy field to fill the whole room, which could be a sign of insecurity or the need to feel important. Asking them to pull themselves in can help.

Ensure Your Energy Field is Intact

The second step is to ensure that your energy field is intact. You can imagine that you take some gold and spiritual cement and seal all the holes in your energy field. Comb yourself out and drop all the negative energy down your grounding cord. This helps you let go of the energy that has "glommed" onto you.

Cleanse Your Energy Field

Finally, you can cleanse your energy field by using a golden vacuum or a magnetic rose. This helps remove excess or foreign energy and drop it down your grounding cord. You can also cut cords with people who have a negative impact on you.

Take Care of Your Energy Field

Protecting and cleansing your energy field is essential for maintaining a healthy relationship with people. It helps you avoid negative energy and attracts positive energy. The next time you're in a crowd, remember to pull yourself in, clean yourself off, and protect your energy field. You can also use free healing audios available online to help you maintain your energy field. By taking care of your energy field, you'll see a positive impact on your well-being and happiness.

Standout Quotes : 

  • "One of the ways to protect yourself in crowds is to pull your aura in tight around you.  This way you won’t interact with other people’s energy fields. "
  • "Some people will expand their field to fill a whole room, they keep expanding to fill up the whole space."
  • "To protect yourself, make sure that your energy field or aura is nice and intact, by filling in all the gaps and holes."
  • "The bigger your field, the more energy you can hold, which includes relationships, wealth, and happiness. Yes, more money can flow into a bigger aura or energy field. "
  • "Your energy field or aura can intersect with other people’s when you are in close proximity with them.  When you are closer than 6 feet or 2 m to them, your field is enmeshed with theirs."
  • "Take steps to keep your aura healthy, intact and clear of other people’s toxic energy."