Protect Your Bones to Protect Your Brain

Mar 15, 2023

Your bones don’t just provide structure and support to your body, they are living tissue that produce red and white blood cells and keeping them intact and healthy can also keep your brain functioning.  Loss of bone integrity isn’t just the loss of the minerals, meaning the calcium phosphate that is deposited by the osteoclasts in your bone skin or periosteum.  Loss of bone integrity also includes the embrittlement caused by the loss of elasticity of your bone’s collagen.  

Keeping both the minerals in your bones as well as the flexibility of your collagen there and throughout your body will protect you from the hip breaks suffered by so many older people, especially women in their late 70s and beyond.  Studies have shown that once a hip breaks, a chemical cascade of issues start including onset of dementia symptoms.  

Find out what you can do to prevent this.

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Standout Quotes : 

  • "Loss of bone integrity includes the loss of the minerals AND the embrittlement caused by the loss of elasticity of your bone’s collagen. "
  • "Your bones provide support, protection and create cells that do the same. "
  • "The bones are one of the 11 systems in your body that are fed by the Root Chakra, your survival portal."
  • "Some older people let go of taking care of themselves because they feel it’s useless to stay alive. Instead find ways to support yourself to feed your body and spirit."
  • "It's really important for your mental as well as your physical well-being to protect your bones and keep them functioning well."
  • "Your bones are mineralized by your bone skin or periosteum, they are plastic - meaning stressing them with the right exercise will help provide mineralization.  This keeps your brain and memory intact. "
  • "Exercise builds muscle and muscle helps maintain brain function."