What happens when you heal someone without permission

Dec 21, 2022

Should you heal everyone?  Healing is not for those that need it but for those that want it.  Permission based healing is required to keep the lines of energy clean between you and your client because healing is an intimate act.  You can also get spiritual backlash from healing those you have no permission from.  Learn about that here.

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Standout Quotes:

  • "Healing is for those that want it not for those that need it."
  • "Healing someone without their permission is invasive and can lead to spiritual backlash. "
  • "When you heal someone without their permission, you are doing their spiritual homework for them.  This can hurt you."
  • "In order to heal someone effectively, it’s best to be of higher frequency than they are. "
  • "When you heal someone, it’s best to clear off their energy from you.  Washing your hands or using an aura spray is effective. "
  • "Using a bowl of salt water as a low energy trap can help keep you and your environment clear of other people’s energy. "


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